Invisalign Teen® Guarantee

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Have you been considering Invisalign® for your teen? Unsure how they will like the clear aligners? Well, for the first time EVER, Invisalign Teen® clear aligners come with a satisfaction guarantee for teens and their parents. Give it a try for 6 months and see how you like your smile!

After Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Teen® Guarantee

Knowing how much of a transformation we saw in Jaden’s smile just during the first 6 months, I am sure you most likely won’t need the Invisalign Teen® Guarantee. But, if you do, it is currently offered by participating orthodontists in Denver, Houston, Boston and Minneapolis! The Invisalign Teen Guarantee gives parents the confidence to choose Invisalign Teen clear aligners for their teens knowing that if they are not satisfied within the first six months of treatment, a participating doctor will switch their teen into traditional wires and brackets at no additional cost.

Invisalign Teen® Guarantee

If you’re still unsure about Invisalign clear aligners, make an appointment with a participating orthodontist and ask questions. You will discover that Invisalign Teen treatment is just as effective as traditional braces and costs about the same, but with the added benefits of being virtually invisible and removable so teen confidence and lifestyle is not compromised during treatment.

I am pleased to see there is a satisfaction guarantee that backs the treatment with Invisalign Teen clear aligners and look forward to more parents being open to trying Invisalign Teen treatment,” said Dr. Vlad Tabakman, Bellaire Family Orthodontics, Houston, TX. “It is a key way to give them the confidence and satisfaction they need while straightening their teeth.”

Jaden loved having the ability to take her aligners off to eat and drink, and simply put them back in afterward. They never restricted her from still enjoying her favorite food and drinks!

Invisalign Teen smile with confidence

Invisalign Teen clear aligners can correct most common and complex teeth straighten concerns. A consultation with a doctor experienced in Invisalign Teen treatment will confirm teens are a candidate. And now with the Invisalign Teen Guarantee, parents have added confidence their child will achieve their teeth-straightening goals and gives teens the teeth straightening option they REALLY want.

Invisalign Teen® Guarantee

You have to act fast! The Invisalign Teen Guarantee is available for Invisalign Teen patients starting treatment between now and January 31, 2017. 

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