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Can changing your smile change everything? Invisalign is sharing stories of real life patients whose new smiles gave them the confidence to change their lives in a big way! I recently had simple dental work on a front tooth that changed everything for me! For Jaden, who is halfway through her Invisalign treatments, her new smile has given her the confidence to do more.

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Invisalign Smile Grant

It Starts with a Smile, aims to share stories of real life patients whose new smiles gave them the confidence to change their lives in a big way. Patients across America are sharing how their life transformed drastically once they had the confidence of a new smile, and proves that changing one thing about yourself can impact everything.

Invisalign confidence

Jaden has been taking singing lessons for almost two years. She had the talent needed to get on the stage, but did not always have the confidence it took to get up there. Since she began seeing her teeth shift and smile improve with Invisalign, she has a new found tenacity when singing in front of crowds. Not to mention, she never holds back when it comes to showing off her smile!

Jaden Faith

When Invisalign began asking patients about their decision to get treatment, they found that some patients straightened their teeth to have more confidence on their wedding day while some had more confidence to take their careers to the next level. Others were just excited to smile more in photos … and it all started with a smile.

So, again, I ask you, “Can changing your smile change everything?” Through June 30, 2016, you can go to and share what you would accomplish with a confident new smile for a chance to win one of five Invisalign Smile Grants for a free Invisalign treatment. After all… “It Starts With a Smile.”

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