5 reasons Invisalign is Sheer Brilliance

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Jaden is now over halfway through her Invisalign treatments and has more confidence when she smiles. From a parent’s perspective, her smile is amazing! It’s been such an incredible transformation both physically and emotionally for her.

5 reasons Invisalign is Sheer Brilliance

SHEER Brilliance

In fact, there are so many reasons why Invisalign is the perfect solution for her. As a former wearer of traditional braces myself, I love the flexibility and overall look of the Invisalign aligners. Jaden has actually mentioned several things she loves about wearing her aligners, but here are just 5 reasons why Invisalign is sheer brilliance:

  1. Discreet aligners — The fact that Invisalign uses “sheer” aligners means that the focus can remain on YOU, not the glaring metal brackets in your mouth.
  2. Eat what you like — With traditional braces, there are several off-limit foods. When you wear Invisalign, you can easily take out your aligners to continue to eat the foods you enjoy.
  3. Look great — There may be a special occasion — photo day, wedding, speaking engagement, etc.— where you may want to remove your aligners. With Invisalign, simply pop them out and replace them once you are ready. Easy!
  4. Brush and floss — Remove your aligners to brush and floss your teeth. There are no wires or brackets to work around and you can brush with ease.
  5. Fewer office visits — Because you can leave with several weeks worth of aligners, there are fewer office visits needed. As long as you are wearing your aligners as instructed and progressing well, you typically only need to visit your dental provider every four to six weeks.

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