Honey Lemon inspired cocktail dress

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Big Hero 6 is ALREADY a huge deal in our house. Ever since our kids saw the first trailer they have been wanting to see it. Our youngest daughter talks about Baymax all the time. So, when I was invited to the Big Hero 6 premiere in LA, it wasn’t too tough of a decision to say, “YES!”

#BigHero6Event in LA

Big Hero 6

But, I cannot lie. The red carpet always intimidates me a bit. As a tomboy my entire  life, dressing up isn’t exactly part of my everyday routine. And fashion is in no way a real part of my repertoire. Therefore, I had to do some research. I never want to embarrass my amazing reps by not properly dressing the part… or myself for that matter. Holy moly, what’s a tomboy to do? Well, thanks to the internet (and my daughters) I have a few ideas inspired by both Gogo Tomago and Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6. Let’s take a look at Gogo first because I think I can more closely relate to her.

Gogo Tomago inspired cocktail dress

Gogo Tomago inspired

Gogo is a member of the Big Hero 6 team, but perhaps one of the most independent. She is very strong-willed and doesn’t back down too easily. Gogo also can get a bit aggressive and may not always think things through. Not to mention, Gogo doesn’t have much patience for those around her. Now, I am not saying we are “exactly” the same… but we sure do have a lot of similarities. Therefore, her more “boyish” style and impulsive personality seem to align more with my own. Looking for a nice cocktail dress for her was a bit easier since I could relate. I knew my own limits and thought she would be about the same. Just a little bot of sparkle to accent the outfit, flat shoes, and a simple headband to adorn the look.

Honey Lemon inspired cocktail dress

Honey Lemon inspired

Honey Lemon, on the other hand, is a bit more into fashion and is super sweet. She is also the brains of the team and carries a can-do attitude with her. Her positive outlook and ability to keep things moving smoothly make her an essential asset to the Big Hero 6 team. In the area of dressing up and looking nice, Honey Lemon has got it down. As I thought about her style I had to dig deep for whatever “girly” bones I might have. As well as think about how my oldest daughter or sister might dress. The shimmery cardigan and platform Mary Janes would be a stretch for me personally, but I think I like the look.

What Big Hero 6 inspired cocktail dress would you most likely wear?

Side note: I cannot walk in heels. Do not carry a purse. Ever. No jewelry other than my wedding set and an anniversary band. No make up. And don’t even like wearing sunglasses. Oh, and no sparkles. You see my challenges here?

Oh well, the good thing is there is SO MUCH more to the trip than what I am wearing to the Big Hero 6 red carpet in LA. In fact, let me give you a quick run down. In addition to the premiere, we will also head over to Walt Disney Animation Studios to interview the filmmakers, get a drawing demonstration, and do a voice over of one of the characters. Can I tell you how much I am beginning to love the voice overs? Weird if you know me, I know. I think knowing the people in the recording booth by now definitely helps!

Dancing With the Stars

Perhaps equally as exciting as the red carpet, we are attending a live taping of Dancing with the Stars! Can you believe it? I actually have my dress for this one already! Colby sacrificed his Saturday afternoon to help me and HE picked out a great one. Well, everyone thinks it’s great anyways. I still struggle with thinking I look anywhere near decent in a dress. Okay… moving on. I am crossing my fingers that my favorite dancers will still be on the show when we are there. Plus we will be doing a live tweet up after the show! Be ready to join in. We are going to have a couple  of special guests!

#BigHero6Event #ABCTVEvent

But our time with ABC does not end there. We head over to the Walt Disney Studio Lot for a preview screening of black-ish, as well as a sneak peak into Galavant and Agent Carter. Not to mention, interviews with a variety of fabulous celebrities and producers from the shows. And I can’t forget the set visits. It’s going to be one action-packed, fun-filled set of days! Be sure you follow the #BigHero6Event and #ABCTVEvent hashtags and watch for the posts coming soon with all the details about every part of the trip.

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