protecting infants from whooping cough
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We, as parents, tend to do whatever it takes to ensure our children’s safety. Personally, I know that keeping my kids healthy is incredibly important and I take no risks. Sometimes, protecting infants from whooping cough may involve educating those around us.

protecting infants from whooping cough

Protecting Infants From Whooping Cough

Fortunately, Walgreens offers whooping cough vaccines whenever the pharmacy is open with no appointment necessary.

Our job, as parents, is to teach those around us, such as grandparents, why it is vitally important that they vaccinate themselves in order to protect our babies.

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Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, presents itself with cold-like symptoms the individual may not even know that they have it.

Yet, it is highly contagious and spreads through contact with respiratory droplets that are generated by coughing and sneezing.

And although it may be similar to a cold or respiratory tract infection in adults, infants are at the greatest risk of complications — even death — within the first 6 months of life.

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At Walgreens, when you get vaccinated from whooping cough, shingles, pneumonia or any other immunization (except flu), you can help save a life through the United Nations Foundation’s [email protected] campaign.

The sad truth is 1 in 5 children still lack access to the life-saving immunizations that help keep children in the U.S. healthy.

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The Get a Shot. Give a Shot.® Campaign works to provide children with life-saving vaccines.

You can “easily” help support the efforts of the campaign by getting your immunizations at Walgreens.

They have been administering immunizations since 2006 and have over 27,000 healthcare professionals trained to administer all immunizations recommended by the CDC.*

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The bottom line is everyone around babies should have their whooping cough vaccination up to date. Moms-to-be should get the vaccine in the 3rd trimester to pass that protection along to her baby.

Through education and awareness, we can all make a difference and save lives… near and far.