Important Things That You Need To Do Before Drinking Your Tap Water

Important Things That You Need To Do Before Drinking Your Tap Water

Do you know how much of a difference cold water can make when it comes to your health? It improves your metabolism, aids in digestion, and promotes weight loss!

And did you know that drinking hot water increases the likelihood of you developing joint problems and heart disease? Coldwater is king for staying healthy, so here are some things that you need to do before drinking your tap water. 

Important Things That You Need To Do Before Drinking Your Tap Water

Purify your water

We are constantly being warned about how dangerous chemicals are for us when we drink them, but when you open up your tap and see clear water coming out of it, you can forget all about those warnings because they are probably not there.

So before drinking your tap water, consider investing in a good set of filtration systems that will remove all chemicals from the water. Many types of chemicals can be found in tap water without our knowledge or consent. The worst part? They cause cancer, liver disease, kidney problems and so much more. 

Filter your water with carbon

The best way to purify any type of liquid, including tap water is through the use of activated carbon. Activated charcoal is very porous and has this special ability to attract positively charged substances together so that they can be easily removed from whatever it is that you are trying to purify.

When drinking your tap water, make sure that it has been filtered by activated charcoal if you want to be 100% sure that dangerous chemicals have not made their way into your tank! 

Add oxygen to your water 

If you want cleaner, healthier drinking water then do yourself a favor and make it bubbly! It may seem like soda pop is what’s making everyone sick these days, but the truth is that soda pop is just loaded with sugar, which can be replaced by oxygen.

It is helpful to remember that when you drink tap water, it has no nutritional value at all, so adding some oxygen to your water will help give it flavor and beneficial nutrients, resulting in an overall healthier beverage for you. In addition to cleaning and enriching the water before drinking, there are individual and lifestyle changes you can make.

Replace plastic bottles with glass or steel

As it turns out, when you drink water from plastic bottles, they are releasing chemicals into the water that can easily seep in. Make sure to replace any plastic containers with glass or steel containers so that you are not putting yourself at risk of ingesting these harmful chemicals without knowing it. 

Plastic leaches chemicals like BPA . Even if you are trying to do everything right, plastic bottles can be harmful to you, so make sure to stop buying them and collect all of the ones that you already have at home.

Skip the straw

Did you know that there are more bacteria in one straw than on an entire trolley cart? And how many times has this trolley had its wheels squeaking down the streets of New York City after making its daily rounds? That’s right; lots!

So keep yourself safe by skipping out on the straws when drinking your tap water. Take a glass or steel bottle with an attached cap like they give away at airports and fill it up with pure water without any additions.

Check your daily intake

Check how much you are drinking each day and make sure that the amount is sufficient for your needs. Those who eat a lot of food will need more water to help flush everything through properly.

Also, take note of the weather outside before deciding on how much water to drink. If it is very hot and humid, consider upping your daily intake so that you do not get dehydrated while trying to keep cool.

Improve your diet

Adding more fruits and vegetables to your daily meal will help keep you hydrated, even if you are not drinking water. Eating more fiber is also an excellent idea because it helps the body eliminate toxins that might end up in your system after cleansing it by drinking purified water. Try this for a short time and you will see how much your body is responding to these nutritional changes.

Remembering the things that you can do to change your lifestyle to get better water flow into the body will help ensure that you are drinking clean, purified water. Make sure that you are using filtered or bottled water for cooking as well.

In most cases, purified water is the only kind that should be used for cooking. There are many ways to bring out the most benefits from drinking your tap water. Doing so by filter or carbon may be the safest bet, but do not forget to add some oxygen and vitamins when possible.