Illness sets in …

As if me being laid up on the couch feeling nauseous all day wasn’t enough, Princess JF seems to have caught a stomach bug! She told me yesterday at lunch that her tummy hurt, and I figured she just didn’t want to eat lunch. About an hour later she climbed up on my lap and was burning up. Super Dad was supposed to work late yesterday, but when Princess JF threw up around 5pm, I called him and asked him to come home … I couldn’t handle it alone since I was already feeling bad myself! She seemed fine around 8:30pm last night … dancing around with Princess JL after her medicine kicked in. Went to bed, then woke up this morning … with a fever of 102 again. So, we’ve been taking it easy in bed. She had a nice bath while I showered, and then some more medicine and a piece of toast. We put in a movie and then she fell asleep. Princess JL let us sleep for about 45 minutes … and now they’re both finishing up the movie we started. Her fever has come down some, and hopefully this is only a 24 hour bug. The thing is … who gets it next? Anyone? Everyone? My husband is worried because he “can’t afford” for me to catch it?! I don’t know that I ‘d really notice if I had it anyways … other than a fever I guess!

One more thing, THANKS to all of you that have offered up your support, prayers, and kind words! I have truly been blessed by so many here in the “blogging world!”

Many blessings,

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