Toyota Highlander for family travel
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of IHG Rewards Club. All opinions are 100% mine.

When was your last family vacation? Are you looking to get away again soon?

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IHG Share Forever Rewards

For our family, those times away from the regular hustle and bustle are meant for bonding and creating memories.

One of the reasons we enjoy homeschooling our children is the flexibility to travel with them. Not only can we teach them from books, but we can actually show them the world.

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We can explore new cultures, go to different museums, navigate through various states and truly learn history as it we explore those places in person.

Having the ability and flexibility to show them the things they are learning in their text makes it all come alive. They understand better and appreciate the world before them.

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No other experience can give our children what they can get through traveling. Therefore, Colby and I make it a priority. But, this means we need to budget wisely and that includes utilizing the IHG Share Forever Rewards program.

The details of the program include:

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Just over the past month we have taken the girls through the dessert and mountains of Arizona, Walt Disney World for a bit of fun, and to Charlotte, North Carolina to learn about their incredible city. I think we are planning on New York City next.

Where did you and your family visit last? Where are you headed next?

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