Disclosure: We received the iCoffee Brewing System to facilitate the review. Regardless, all opinions are 100% our own.

I am a nightly coffee drinker. Yes, nightly. And it is not to keep me awake. My insomnia does that well enough. I simply like to drink coffee at night because it soothes me as I write. The house is quiet as the kids sleep and it is just Colby and I up working. This is my coffee time.

steambrew technology


Imagine if your coffee maker could steam, tumble, and stir your coffee as it brews. That is the new concept iCoffee introduces with SteamBrew™ Technology:

iCoffee‘s six patented SteamBrew rotational hot water jets further steam, tumble and stir your favorite coffee releasing a symphony of exquisite flavors, without the acidic and bitter aftertaste created by conventional brewing. The iCoffee SteamBrew technology ensures that all the coffee is exposed to proper brewing conditions allowing consumers to save up to 15 percent on their coffee usage, without having to lose strength or flavor.

As the coffee goes through the SteamBrew process, you can watch through the BrewView™ window as your coffee grounds transform into a premium cup of java.

Although the technology takes a bit longer to produce a cup of coffee, the taste is rewarding. With each coffee ground being subjected to the steam and water of the iCoffee, more of the rich taste is extracted from every bit. Therefore, the coffee has a more intense flavor with a creamier finish. Perfect for an evening nightcap or two around here. Not to mention, the iCoffee brews up to 12 cups of coffee and there is no paper filter to throw away or replenish.


Support Through Funding

iCoffee is currently looking for support through funding. They are hoping to raise $100,000 by August 16th and need your help. Whether you can donate or help get the word out… check their Indiegogo crowd-funding site and let’s see if we can give them a boost! I can even make sharing simple, just RT this tweet and help spread the word:

Are you a morning, evening, all-day coffee drinker? What do you think of the SteamBrew Technology?

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