Pushing a Pencil
JJ’s blog header she insisted I create for her! 🙂

I have to admit, summer vacation was a bit of a stressor for me this year simply because of all the issues we have had with JJ recently. And, no, it wasn’t the stress of having her home with me, it was more how to keep her busy while she was home all day, every day. We even looked into possible summer programs for her but there were either none available or none we could budget. Therefore, the last few weeks have just been crazy. Princess knows just how to push JJ’s buttons and then all sanity is lost! That is until yesterday! JJ has been walking around for the past week writing a “book” in a spiral. Therefore, it gave me the idea of setting up a blog on my blogger account for JJ and, boy oh boy, has she taken off with it!

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Since setting up the blog for her Tuesday afternoon she already has 25 posts. Granted, some are no more than a picture or a video {which she has totally learned to do without my help now}, but she is having so much fun. She even has an “editorial calendar” {without knowing what it is really and something I need to do but have not} and sticks to it. When JJ is not on her blog she carries a spiral and a pen around with her to write down any ideas that may pop in her head. She begins in the morning with a “Verse of the Day” post and ends with a “GoodBye” song! She has already written two book reviews and has a “How-to Catch a Snake” post {Yes, really! She is obsessed with “Billy the Exterminator” and can tell you all sorts of similar things}. OMGoodness! She makes me look bad! 🙂

Tuesday, after JJ had added a post or two, Pepper walked through the room and JJ called her over. She commenced to showing Pepper her blog and all she had done and Pepper looked at me and yelled, “Mom! What have you done?!” HeeHee! I gave her something to do! JJ is a very gifted, 7 year old child. One of her psychiatrists during her last hospital stay talked to me about how intelligent she was and how difficult that can be to manage at times. Tell me about it! She must stay busy. She has to keep a schedule. Her learning can never stop. The relaxed atmosphere of our home can sometimes be a big nuisance to her. Therefore, introduce an ongoing activity to keep her mind and hands engaged and “Voilá!” A calmer, more relaxed JJ has appeared!

The difference has been amazing! She has actually been using the bathroom without issues {see previous posts on chronic constipation if you are lost with that statement} and has been politely asking Princess or Monkey to do something. “Please don’t touch my book.” “Can I help you with that?” Wow! Really? Almost a complete 180 in just a day! Who would’ve thought a blog could be the answer we have been searching for this past 6 months! Now, I am not saying she is “healed” but, wow, what a difference a day can make! We are going to continue to pray that this type of activity is just what she needs to entertain her brain for a while. As for right now though, the results have been astonishing!

It would appear that I have created a blogger in the making! SuperDad looks at me and just shakes his head with a smile. “What?” He grins and says, “She is just like you! She is your daughter!” I smile back as big as I can! “I know… and I LOVE it!” 🙂

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