Have you discovered Pinterest yet? No doubt that you may have heard about it. I LOVE Pinterest and have become quite addicted fond of it. There is so much to see and it can all be seen in one spot.

Use Pinterest for Blog

How to Use Pinterest for Your Blog

It’s a virtual pin board and I have literally seen it used it a variety of great ways from home decorating to party planning to remembering giveaway dates. But, have you ever thought about how it could benefit your blog?

I first began to use Pinterest casually while blogging. I would come across some great pictures that I could organize and share with my readers. It was simple to do and fun to organize. Plus, it was one more excuse to hop onto the site.

Then, I began to see hits coming into my blog from Pinterest and realized that people had been pinning from my site! WooHoo! That is awesome. Therefore I began to further research how to use Pinterest for your blog.

Generate Traffic and Quality Backlinks

As mentioned above, you can generate new traffic and potentially new readers through pins that originate from your blog posts. Let’s say you make a craft or cook up a great recipe and include amazing photos.

Well, a reader comes along and decides to pin your pictures to remember to try the craft or recipe later. That reader has a couple of followers who also like the idea and repin it to their board. As so on and so on.

Your picture, with a link back to your blog, has now been pinned repeatedly and is being shared with 1,000’s of people.

You have a new traffic source that has a huge fan base and that is awesome! Watch the traffic start to come in!

Let Your Readers Discover You

I have found that I truly love some of the blogs I read now after virtually “meeting” the blogger behind the blog. Through online networking, and some real-life events, I have been able to meet some incredible bloggers and enjoy their writing even more.

Why? Because I feel as though I have a personal connection with them. I believe our readers like to know the person behind the words sometimes. Sure, it could backfire on you I guess, but I think it makes it more fun!

As you follow others on Pinterest you begin to learn more and more about them. You can make personal connections and discover others “just like you.”

In fact, just yesterday I read a Facebook post on my wall from a friend I know casually at church who told me, “I think I pretty much repinned everything on your ‘That’s Me‘ board.” I told her that we must be kindred spirits and I was scared for her. ūüôā

So, get out there and let your readers discover you. Oh, plus, underneath your avatar on the site you can link to your blog and other social media accounts. Score! Another way to get your blog name out there and network.

Blog Beautification

There are times when we randomly search Google for images to use on our blogs, right? Well, Pinterest offers a plethora of great pictures, all organized into one spot.

Do a search, find a picture to use, and embed it in your blog! Instant beautification achieved!

And, the original site is already referenced and credited in your embedded image.

Research and Gather Information

As you research an upcoming post or begin to gather ideas for a few, organize your thoughts onto your boards.

I can often tell when those I follow are gathering information for an upcoming post by their most recent pins.

Or, I may bombard my followers with a large selection of pins about travel or Winnie the Pooh depending on either my mood or my inspiration.

Which ever it may be, it is a great way to keep all of your bookmarks and ideas, together, in one site online.

Other Ideas

I am sure there are several more ways to use Pinterest for your blog.

If you sell crafts, services, etc from your site you can even pin those products and showcase them to the entire online community. You can further expand your networking as you find other bloggers in your niche through their similar pins.

The possibilities are incredible as Pinterest only continues to grow. I would love to hear your ideas!

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