How To Support Your Child If They’re Struggling In School

It’s not necessarily the sign of a major problem if your child is struggling in school, as children are often good at some things and may need time to become adept at others.

All children develop at different rates, but as long as the broader trend is in the right direction, then they’re no doubt making appropriate progress.

However, if it feels that their development seems a little stunted past that which is expected, it’s a good idea to take action.

This means trying to get to the bottom of the issue with as much caution and care as possible, as the root cause could be very different to that which you expect.

In this guide, we’ll discuss a few possibilities and give you a few considerations for how to step forward as a parent.

Past that, more direct advice may be required.

At the very least just know that having a parental advocate willing to help is fantastic for your child, so don’t blame yourself as a parent if an issue like this comes without warning when you live in a comfortable and supportive home:

Consider Social Factors

It may be that certain social factors are weighing them down. With some love, support and confidentiality, they’ll feel comfortable enough to tell you.

It might be that they’ve been the victim of bullying and this needs to be reported properly. It may be that a teacher seems to target them, which is sadly not uncommon, and this needs to be raised higher.

It might be that they’re struggling with a bad friendship group, or may have few social connections, encouraging your choice to sign them up to a martial arts class to bond with people outside of that environment.

Social factors are a natural part of life, and for the most part, can be remedied with a little support.

Consider Health Factors

Sometimes, a child’s physical and mental well-being can truly affect their performance. First off, how is their diet? Does it have enough vegetables, and are they hydrated enough?

Alternatively, if they’re really struggling, it might be worth considering having a healthcare professional help identify the issue.

It might be that being diagnosed with a condition is the first step to getting the support they need, such as medication or in a specific case, taking the time to find natural ADHD supplements for kids to soften the symptoms.

Consider Variable Factors

Has anything changed recently? Has your child moved to a new school thanks to you moving hundreds of miles away? Cutting them some slack might be worthwhile.

As many parents found out, a year of remote schooling because of lockdowns provided difficulty too. Could it be that they’ve been super focused in preparing for a gym competition and their grades are slipping as a result?

Variables can help us consider a timeline of change, and as parents that helps us more than you may imagine.

With this advice, we hope you can support your child if they’re struggling in school, with confidence and care.