How-to Submit a Blog Post to Stumbleupon

One of my greatest traffic resources is Stumbleupon. It can be an amazing blogging tool when used correctly. Unfortunately though, when not used properly it can totally stalemate a blog post. Therefore, here is a quick walk-through.

How to Stumble a Blog Post using the Stumbleupon Toolbar

1 – Guess we should make sure you are signed up with Stumbleupon first. You can register here.

2 – Download the Stumbleupon Toolbar. And now we should be good to go.

3 – Once you have found a post you want to stumble, you will notice a few buttons across the toolbar.

SU Toolbar

4 – By hovering over the speech bubbles you will be able to tell if the post has been previously discovered or reviewed. The picture below depicts an undiscovered post.

Undiscovered post

5 – By clicking the thumbs up button, you will be given the opportunity to discover the post for the SU community.

Like on toolbar

6 – Clicking on the thumbs up button will send you to a new page where you can submit the post to SU. This is where you must submit properly or the post will be “stuck” in the SU community. 3 easy steps for this process:

  • Is the site safe for work? Yes or No
  • What is this page about? Choose the most relevant topic for the post.
  • Tags – Try to pick the most relevant tags for the post using keywords other users would search. 
  • Review – Add a short summary/review of the blog post and then hit “add this page.”

how to stumble

7 – And the final most important step: Share with your followers! By doing this you will see more stumbles and, hence, more traffic. You will notice by hovering over the discovered post that the “Edit, Share, Email, Delete” buttons appear. Click share and a window should appear at the top of your screen with all of your SU friends. Check the ones you wish to share with and hit share. Done! You have just discovered and shared the post with the SU community. Make sure you stumble through the posts shared with you as well and “thumbs up” and review some along the way!

Share with SU

BONUS: Share the post through {Stumbleupon’s URL shortener}. Sharing through sends the post to your Twitter & Facebook feeds and gives it a little boost and further reach. Simply copy and paste the link with a short description, hash tags and Twitter handle (if applicable), then choose Twitter, FB or both, and hit post. I typically see a much better traffic jump from posts shared through

Good luck and I hope your traffic begins to soar with the SU community. After registering, find me on Stumbleupon… I would love to see what you discover!


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