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How to Optimize for Search Engines

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google. Have you made it there yet? Depending on your niche it may be a difficult task if so many others are trying just as hard to get there.

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What is their “secret?” SEO…

Search Engine Optimization.

There are actually several aspects of SEO for your blog but I wanted to tackle an “easy” one for the purpose of this {How-to} post.

Although the content you are writing may be great, if you are not making sure to optimize your post the search engines may never find your blog.

How to optimize for search engines

  1. All of your thoughts are in order and the typing is about to commence. A simple keyword search should be your first step? What are your readers using to find your blog? What are keywords other blogs in your niche are using? What is the focus of your post and which keywords will your readers use to search the internet and land on your blog?

    Google Keyword Tool is an easy, free tool to assist in the keyword search. Make sure to try a variety of keywords or phrases to determine the best one for the purpose of your post. There are many filters and options to guide you further.

    Use this template to create a profitable Digital Marketing Funnel to personalize content to each reader who lands on your site.

    Once you have a good list of keywords or phrases you are ready for the next step towards optimizing for the search engines.
  2. It is now time to write your post. Begin with a good title that includes your primary keyword.

    Be sure to include your keyword in the first paragraph of your post as well. Not only should you include keywords in those two areas, but as your write make sure to insert the primary keyword, as well as two or three variations of it, throughout your post where they would fit in properly.

    Utilize the keywords generated in step one and make sure to accentuate them when possible in the H1 or H2 tags, as well with bold or italic settings.

    Perhaps you have written another post you can link to with your keyword. These are all areas that the search engines will be looking for keywords as they crawl your site.

    Note: Be sure to link your keyword or phrase rather than the term: “click here.”
  3. In addition to each of these text areas, do not forget to include your keyword in the “alt tags” of your images as well. Not only should you include an alt tag, but it is also helpful to name your file with a keyword or phrase.

    Rather than uploading a file named DSC0009903749872.jpg upload one you have renamed “optimize-search-engine.” And then, you can link the picture to another appropriate post within your blog, an affiliate link, or another relevant website.

Crawling to the top of the search engines can be a slow process, but can be achieved when you correctly optimize your blog for the search engines.

Keywords are simply one tool you can use to draw traffic to your website or blog. Research your niche and determine what others are doing and utilize the free keyword tool mentioned above.

Make sure you are including words or phrases that readers are actually searching for on the internet.

With a little work and some patience, you can soon find your blog at the top of the search engines. And well done optimization can keep you on the front page of the search engines for quite a long time!