How To Keep The Roof Over Your Head Secure And Stable

The roof is not only the top of your home but, along with the front door, the first line of protection. Hence, it is essential to keep it in good condition.

The roof is responsible for keeping your home safe from harsh weather conditions; protecting it from mold and mildew; stopping warmth from leaking in; keeping your home cool during the summer, and making it a safe place for your family.

On the other hand, poorly maintained roofs are an expensive investment, and at some point, they must be replaced.

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Luckily, you can always change your habits regarding roof maintenance and check it once in a while.

Therefore, here are a couple of tips on how to maintain your roof.

How To Keep The Roof Over Your Head Secure And Stable

Make Inspecting Your Shingles a Routine 

Inspecting your roof regularly should be one of the top priorities on your list. While inspecting it, you will notice if there are cracked or damaged shingles.

Even though an annual shingle inspection is recommended, it would be wiser to inspect it every once in a while, especially if there were heavy rains or extreme weather conditions.

Also, long winter periods of heavy snow, as well as wind, may cause serious damage to your roof.

However, you should be extra careful when inspecting the roof. A roof check, if not conducted properly, can cause even greater damage to the roof. 

Change the Shingles If Damaged 

If during your visit you notice a couple of damaged shingles, it is crucial to react instantly and replace them.

Postponing shingle replacement may lead to some more serious issues, such as damaged roofing construction, which can be painfully expensive to repair.

Therefore, for your initial inspection, it would be best to hire a professional to inspect the roof and change the shingles if necessary.

Trustworthy professionals will even offer you a free consultation and help you go through the process. You may find more information here about the services that can help your roof stay well-maintained.

On the other hand, if there is serious damage caused by severe weather conditions, then you should consult a professional and see if your roof should be repaired partially or entirely. 

Clear the Debris 

Any kind of accumulated debris on the roof may cause damage to it. Namely, debris such as leaves and twigs can hold moisture that will make your roof weak in no time.

Accumulated debris will also put certain pressure on the shingles, and with more moisture and weakened shingles, moisture may penetrate in and cause a lot of damage to the inner structures.

Besides clearing the debris from your roof, there are a couple of things you can do to prevent debris accumulation.

Trimming branches around your house is one of the best steps you can take. 

Keep Your Gutters Clean 

You do not want to risk having clogged gutters. If there are obstacles to the water flow, then you will most certainly end up with a damaged roof and foundation.

The major aim of gutters is to keep water away from your walls and roof. Hence, it is of great importance to regularly inspect and clean your gutters.

Gutter inspection afterward is mandatory in the case of heavy rain or some other extreme weather conditions. 

You may also consider upgrading to covered gutters to reduce the need for frequent cleaning.

Not only do they help to prevent debris from entering the gutters, but they also provide extra protection from water damage.

Eliminate Mold and Mildew 

Always be cautious of mold and mildew on your roof. When these accumulate on your roof, they will spread in no time and will cause severe damage to your shingles. If you miss mold growth, then you will not miss the lifted shingles.

Due to mold growth, shingles start to rise. Usually, you would see black spots on the shingles. You should take it as the initial step of mold growth.

Most definitely, you will need to hire professional roof contractors to deal with the problem.

Usually, they apply mold remover and thus clean the roof of mold and mildew. Additionally, they attach zinc strips all over the roof to prevent mold growth. 

Beware of Ice Dams 

Winter storms may be as dangerous as summer storms. Frost makes frozen branches break more easily, and with some strong wind, it will add more danger. Thus, checking your roof for ice dams is a must during the winter season.

These dams can form during a long period of ice melting and refreezing. Ice dam prevention is the initial step of defense. In this situation, ice and water shields will play the main roles.  

The roof is the top of your home and the first line of defense against all the extreme weather conditions that would cause severe damage to your home otherwise.

By bearing this in mind, you need to conduct regular roofing inspections and check for damage so that you can prevent a catastrophe