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How to Integrate Natural Light into Your Art Studio Shed

We believe in the bright side of creativity! Ever wondered why a sunlit room feels so much more inviting and inspiring?

Turns out, it’s not just a whimsical notion – there’s science and surveys to back it up. According to Healthline, there is a link between natural light and overall wellness, sleep quality, and vitamin D .

If you’re on a quest to transform your art studio shed into a haven of creativity, we have some handy ways to integrate natural light into your creative space.

No more dimly lit corners, just a sun-kissed studio that improves your mood and enhances your artistic endeavors. 

artist painting in a light-filled art studio

Using light paint colors

There are plenty of great ways to design your art studio. When setting the stage for the sunlight spectacular, we want to avoid bold wallpapers and moody hues.

Instead, we’re diving into the world of light colors. Imagine your walls as a canvas, but this time, we’re painting with sunlight.

Swap out the statement wallpapers and dark block colors for something a bit softer. A touch of paint in serene white tones is the secret. Why?

Because these lighter shades play nice with natural light, bouncing it around the room like a game of catch. No light absorption here – it’s all about reflection.

Pro tip: Don’t go reaching for the brightest white in the paint aisle.

Brilliant white might sound tempting, but it can leave your space feeling a bit like an icebox. Instead, opt for an off-white shade – it brings the warmth without sacrificing the luminosity. 

The ground beneath your artistic endeavors

If you are in the process of building your art studio as an extension or converting your garage, you have a great opportunity to consider how the flooring will help with natural light.

Flooring isn’t just about something to walk on; it’s a handy hack for a brighter art studio. 

Reflective surfaces are the key here; wooden floors, laminates, ceramic, or stone – these materials with a polished finish are your allies in the quest for a well-lit space.

They don’t just hold you up; they bounce that precious sunlight around like it’s in the spotlight. Conversely, carpets can be a bit light-shy, but if that’s your vibe, no worries!

Stick to light, neutral tones, and let the floor support your studio’s illumination extravaganza. Luckily, there are plenty of flooring options available to suit your space.

Think about what is happening outside

Believe it or not, what’s happening out there can seriously mess with your indoor sunlight.

Those trees, bushes, and clingy climbing plants will require a trim if they’re throwing shade on your windows and doors. You wouldn’t believe what a bit of strategic pruning can do for your indoor luminosity.

And while you’re channeling your inner landscaper, don’t forget about the windows. Give those glass panes a spa day with a thorough cleaning. When the sun’s doing its thing, you want every beam to waltz through that glass with ease.

The real game-changer is obviously your windows

We know this is pretty clear (pun intended), but those portals to the outside world are the key way to get some natural light in.

Whether you’re building from scratch or giving your place a facelift, more windows are the name of the game. Bi-folding doors are a great choice as well, as they let in light and turn entire walls into glorious glass.

Throwing some skylights into the mix will have your space feeling roomier and brighter, all thanks to a little upward glance.

We know that this can be an expensive exercise, but it’s an investment in radiance, and your creativity will thank you for it!

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