How To Find The Right Urn For A Deceased Loved One

If you are looking for the perfect urn for a loved one who has passed on, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. This is because there are so many different styles and materials that an urn can be made out of.

If you want to find the right urn but don’t know where to start, this blog post should help!

We will discuss some tips about how to find the right type of material as well as the appropriate size for your needs.

How To Find The Right Urn For A Deceased Loved One

Different Materials

Different materials may be used, such as wood or metal. Wood is usually good for a loved one who had many outdoor hobbies and activities during their life.

If they were someone who would spend much time outdoors then maybe consider other options like wooden urns from Green Meadow Memorials that are designed to resist weathering and decay.

Metal can also work well if you do not mind the possibility of rusting over time, but this will depend on how fast your climate changes and whether or not your loved one was exposed to high levels of moisture in their day-to-day activities. 

It’s important to pick the right option for honoring your loved one.

You should work closely with your cremation services provider who can guide you through the different materials and explain the pros and cons of each. This information will help you make the best decision.

Size and Height

One thing to consider is the size of your loved one’s urn. If they were a larger individual, then you may want a taller container as opposed to a shorter or smaller version if their body was on the slimmer side.

Also, consider where it will be displayed and whether there are any height limitations in place based on what type of display case might be being used for this particular piece or even just how high up off of the ground you need it to sit at most before you will not be able to see it at eye level anymore.


Picking the right color is one of those personal preference things that will be different depending on who you ask.

Some people love to include some bright colors in their life which would mean maybe a colored urn or even more than just your standard white or black options.

Many other families are looking for something with neutral tones so it doesn’t clash with any décor they may have already set up inside of their home where this piece will sit permanently on display as opposed to being hidden away behind closed doors somewhere else out of sight when not being used.


Price is always something to consider and the average price of an urn will vary depending on what size you get, where it was made or manufactured, how detailed any artwork maybe that has been added to the design, and even if there are other additional add-ons included such as a stand for sitting upright when not being displayed.

Once all things have been considered then this can help determine what your budget should probably end up looking like before making a final purchase decision.

Accessory Options

Loved ones can be remembered in many ways and one of those is through how they used to dress.

If you were just someone who wore jeans regularly, then why not include pieces like some photos or other memorable mementos of your time together with this person?

But maybe it was more about the formal outfits for them which included suits or dresses that stood out as their signature look during special events or even when attending funerals themselves back when they were still alive (and younger).

Then consider including things like jewelry urns where at least something worn by them will always remain close by but within easy reach should you need any type of closure, especially after placing all items inside before sealing permanently.

Personalization Options

Including personal touches to the urn itself makes it more special and this can be done through engraving.

Some people choose just a name while others add birthdates, death dates, or even short messages that will remind them of how much they were cared about by someone else during their lifetime.

This way you have something to look at every single day when going near your loved one’s final resting place so maybe consider adding some extra meaning into the design if at all possible before sealing up permanently for good with any cremation ashes inside ready to go back home where they belong.

An urn is something that may not seem important when you are planning a funeral, but it can be very meaningful in the end for many people to have an appropriate place to store their loved one’s ashes.

It is also about getting what feels comfortable and right for your family which will mean different things at different times depending on how you are feeling.