How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Running your own blog will mean that you will need to have many different skills. Obviously, you will need to be able to write captivating content that will be of interest to people.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Drive Traffic To Your Blog

You’ll have to have a good understanding of your subject area and be able to demonstrate this by confidently communicating with your audience.

Above all else, you will need to have an excellent handle on all of the different ways that you can build your audience and drive people to your site. 

Posting your content is only part of the battle. If you are looking to earn money from your blog, you will need to generate a substantial readership that will allow you to do this.

You may need to get tens of thousands of readers before you start earning even a small amount of money, so you need to be ahead of the game in terms of building up your revenue streams.

Driving Your Readership Up

There are many ways of increasing your readership, but fundamentally you need to be creating new content regularly.

If you are unable to get online to post articles each day, stack up the content, and have it scheduled to post at staggered intervals automatically.

There will be a prime time frame that new content will get the best response in, and you should be utilizing these windows to get the highest level of interaction from each of your posts.

Be sure and use all of the automatic social media sharing options that your site has to offer, and do everything in your power to garner an offsite following too to drive traffic from sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. 


You may want to go down the paid route and use Google Ads and sponsored posts on social media, such as Instagram .

If you do this, be sure you learn the big secret to Google Ads efficiency, which is to use automated systems to post and track your ads. You will need to know that your ads are generating you the kind of traffic that you want, so make sure that you are monitoring the return on your investment.  

Working with a Social Media Ads Business coach is also a great way to learn the ins and outs of creating successful campaigns and will help you to maximize the return from your ads.

Use Search Engine Optimization 

Organic traffic is harder to obtain. It will mean that you will need to be continually looking at the keywords that you are using.

Find search terms that apply to your niche and ensure you are dropping these into your content in a natural way.

Use internal links on every page to create a strong link structure for your website to help Google rank you higher.

Check for broken links in your older posts regularly, and don’t underestimate the importance of your older content. Google likes established posts as it favors older websites. 

Do everything that you can to get your content linked to from other websites. This may mean guest posting on another influential blog, or creating content that people will share or link to from their site.