How to Create a Gallery Wall Around a Mounted TV

I have been slowly working to decorate our new house—still, six months after moving in. It’s a process I keep reminding myself of.

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Honestly, I think it’s because I am crazy picky. We purged as much as possible before the move and we have been slowly working to refurnish and decorate each room in the house.

Our master bedroom is one room we haven’t really decorated yet. Until now. The game-changer? The Legrand in-wall power kit from Best Buy !

How to Create a Gallery Wall Around a Mounted TV

That sounds kinda crazy, right? Well, here’s the deal. Colby has been wanting to mount the TV. I was adamantly against it because of the unsightly cords.

That’s where the Legrand in-wall power kit comes in.

The kit makes it incredibly easy to hang a wall-mounted TV without the cords showing. Colby was able to convince me with this one product.

Therefore, after deciding exactly where we wanted our TV, it only took a few steps to have it hung nicely on the wall (sans visible cords).

Legrand in-wall power kit

The best part? There’s no electrical wiring needed. As long as you are comfortable handling the necessary tools to cut holes in your wall you should be good to go!

Once you’ve mounted the TV on the wall, you simply use the included hole saw to cut two holes: one behind your TV and the other near the outlet.

Guide the power and other cables behind the wall from one hole to the other. Install the two grommets: one for plugging in the TV and the other for connecting power.

You’re done. Or, at least done with that part.

Legrand in-wall power kit

Once I saw the TV on the wall—without the distraction of the cords—I decided it needed something more. That’s when it hit me: a GALLERY WALL!

I love quotes, wall art, all of it. So, of course, gallery walls are my favorite. We currently only have one that runs the length of the first half of our stairwell, and I have been looking for a place to put another.

Our master bedroom has tall ceilings and I wasn’t sure what to do with the wall space. With the TV as the starting point, I began gathering canvas art and other small pieces to hang around it.

wall mounted TV without cords

We laid everything out on the floor in a (tentative pattern) and then simply started hanging from the bottom up.

I wanted to avoid symmetry (this is a personal test of mine) and just went with the flow as we began nailing. I honestly think it turned out perfect!

It feels like a whole new bedroom now. And the inspiration behind it all was the Legrand in-wall power kit from Best Buy!

mounted TV gallery wall

Look for the Legrand in-wall power kit at your local Best Buy or online at and you’re on your way to a (clean) gallery wall of your own!

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