How to Cook Steak on the Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill

Disclosure: Hamilton Beach provided us with a sample for the sole purpose of this review. Regardless, all opinions and expressions are 100% my own.

I know I’ve mentioned before that my husband would grill 365 days a year given the opportunity. Rain, snow, heat; he doesn’t care. His outdoor grill is a step outside our back door.

This is why the Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill is game-changer for us.

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As much as I adore him for wanting to grill everything, it’s simply not always feasible because of the weather extremes here in Texas. But, we do enjoy a nice, juicy, tender steak sometimes.

The Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill is perfect for indoor grilling!

Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill

It features a grill hood—with a window—not only lets you keep an eye on the food, but it also retains the high searing heat of the grill to lock the juices and flavors. Not to mention, the lid closes to still give you signature grill marks.

Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill with window

Don’t worry about the mess though! The indoor searing grill also features an extra-large drip tray that catches juices so they don’t spill on your counter.

Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill Extra-large drip tray

Plus, the grill surface and drip tray can both be easily removed for washing in the dishwasher.

How to Cook Steak on the Grill

Grilling the perfect steak indoors starts with proper prep. Based on your cut of steak, you may want to go with a dry rub, or, for tougher cuts, marinate the meat for a couple hours prior to cooking.

Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill temperature dial

Next, the Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill makes the searing process easy. Simply turn the temperature dial to sear, and, when it reaches the searing temperature of 450°, the green preheat light will glow.

You’re now ready to sear your steak with confidence.


Using the Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill with two cooking surfaces, you will be able to cut the cooking time down.

Use a meat thermometer in a thick portion of the steak to cook to your desired pinkness.


The USDA recommends cooking your steak to a minimum of 145˚F, plus three minutes minimum of rest time.

The recommended rest time allows the temperature to rise to a safe serving temperature, plus you’ll capitalize on the most flavor. The steak will continue to cook after it’s removed from the grill, therefore it’s both safe and ideal to remove before completely done.

How to Cook Steak on the Hamilton Beach Indoor Searing Grill

As the steak rests, the juices will be given time to redistribute throughout the meat for a more flavorful, juicier steak. Resting juices can also be poured over the steak before serving as a final dash of flavor.

Side Dishes to Serve with Steak

Steak makes a delicious main dish, but surely you’ll want to add a bit of color or texture to your plate. Here’s a list of simple side dishes to serve with steak (many that can work well on a grill too):

  • corn on the cob
  • grilled asparagus
  • green beans
  • salad
  • quinoa
  • rice pilaf
  • pasta salad
  • roasted cauliflower
  • grilled sweet potatoes
  • potato salad
  • arugula
  • au gratin potatoes
  • mashed potatoes

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