How Injury Lawyers Assist in Dog Bite Cases

How Injury Lawyers Assist in Dog Bite Cases

In the United States, there are about 4.7 million dog bites a year. This is not surprising in itself since the country has a pretty high number of dogs in comparison to humans.

However, dog bites can lead to very dangerous and even deadly injuries to its victims which makes it necessary for authorities to have effective laws against aggressive animals.

For example, the state of California alone has about 6.5 million households that own dogs which can also equate to a lot of injuries inflicted by these animals.

Most dog attacks usually happen when the animal is provoked but sometimes, even if it did not do anything wrong, accidents may still arise.

How Injury Lawyers Assist in Dog Bite Cases

The law requires that individual dog owners take responsibility for whatever harm their dogs may cause to other people.

This also includes paying for any medical expenses that victims incur in the course of receiving treatment for injuries caused by the dog.

At the same time, though, it is important for authorities to recognize that not all dogs are attacking animals and this is why they should be given fair judgment in these cases.

To know more about how dog bite cases are handled by lawyers, here is the scoop.

They know your state laws regarding dogs

Because there are breed-specific ordinances in almost all states of America, it is important for potential victims of dog bites to know the rules on what they should do depending on the circumstances of their attack.

One example is that some states like South Carolina require that all dog owners must keep their dogs leashed in public places with the exception of hunting, working, or when an unleashed dog is under their control. 

State laws may vary on this matter but South Carolina has a provision that states that victims of damage done by unleashed dogs are not liable to pay for the breed-specific medical treatment of the dog.

For example, South Carolina workers’ comp lawyers are knowledgeable of the South Carolina Code of Laws Title 47 Chapter 5 South Carolina Dog Law.

This states that a dog owner or a person who is in possession of a dog has to take responsibility for any damage caused by his animal which includes medical treatment expenses if the victim will not be able to work because of the attack

They help you get justice and compensation in a dog bite case.

No matter what you need – they will be there to aid and assist you. If the animal gets out of its cage, it can cause mischief and terrorize people around them.

If this happens, you have every right to ask for compensation on the grounds of negligence.

Dog bite cases are very different from other typical personal injury cases. You should know that dog bite cases are complicated. They require you to provide ample evidence to show that the animal is vicious.

For this reason, it is very important for you to hire a competent lawyer who has experience in handling dog bite cases. With the services of a good lawyer, you will be able to prove your claim.

A personal injury lawyer can help you file your case against the animal owner and win it. The main purpose of having this type of legal representation is to make sure that the victim gets what he or she deserves as compensation for pain, suffering, and other expenses.

They know how to protect your rights

Personal injury lawyers have investigated all the evidence in your case to comprehend how it occurred. They will use their expertise in the law to establish the rights of you or your loved one.

They are familiar with dog bite cases. Personal injury lawyers have already handled many dog bite cases before yours, so they understand how to proceed. This is because there are many legal options to consider in these types of cases.

They take action after your dog bite accident. You might be overwhelmed with stress and pain, but personal injury lawyers deal with that every day. They will not rest until they collect the compensation you deserve to cover damages.

The insurance company is working for them, not you. The opposing party, the insurance company, will probably try to compensate you less than they should. Personal injury lawyers know how the insurance company thinks and can protect your interests over their own.

They handle all aspects of your case. You may be too overwhelmed or in pain to handle your dog bite accident alone, so having a personal injury lawyer is beneficial. They will handle everything, including medical expenses and loss of wages.

Your dog bites negotiation is safer with them. Your insurance company will probably not want to pay you what you deserve for all damages, so personal injury lawyers can help negotiate on your behalf.

You may be able to get more compensation or even fair compensation for your injuries if they negotiate with the insurance company for you.

Dog bite accidents can be quite complicated to investigate and there are many factors involved. That is why personal injury lawyers have experience in this field.

Whether it be a breed or owner, they have investigated cases similar to yours before and will use that knowledge as leverage for your case.