giraffes at Houston Zoo feeding

Feeding Time for the Giraffes at the Houston Zoo

Have you ever been given an opportunity to feed giraffes? To get up close and personal with the long-necked animal? We recently went to the Houston Zoo and had the chance to do just that.

Houston Zoo giraffe

Houston Zoo

The girls were excited about their date with the giraffes. After a full morning exploring the Houston Children’s Museum, the Houston Zoo was a nice change of pace. The opportunity to get outside and see some animals. And it was a quick drive from one stop to the other.

Houston zoo giraffe feeding

Once we arrived at the zoo, we eagerly awaited the delivery of our wristbands so we could get in line to feed. We noticed the giraffes as soon as we came in the back entrance of the Houston Zoo. It is hard to miss these beautiful, tall animals towering over the ground below.

giraffes at Houston zoo

The giraffes have feeding time from 2:00 to 4:00pm each day and it looked like a popular attraction at the zoo. For just $5, kids can get close to the giraffes and be involved in their care-taking. I know my girls thought it was an incredible experience.

giraffes at Houston Zoo feeding

Each of the girls held out their large lettuce leaf and waited, as one-by-one, the giraffes came over to eat. Meeting outstretched arms, the giraffes gently took the leaves and ate. One at a time… until we were done feeding. Although it went rather quickly, it is an experience the girls will not soon forget.

zoo giraffe feeding

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