Houston, We Have Landed

American Idol auditions are one of my favorite things to watch on tv. I do not always follow the show through to the end, but I do typically watch all of the audition shows. It is fun to see the corky people, inspiring to watch those with amazing dreams, and heartbreaking to learn the story behind the journey sometimes.

This year, Jake and I have made the trip from Dallas to Houston to bring his best friend to audition. She has a beautiful voice at the age of 16 and we are praying she gets past round 1. Thursday was all about the road trip down here and getting registered. Today, from my understanding, the real fun begins!

Today we will pile into Reliant Stadium with thousands of other hopefuls and wait for our turn. Today Jake’s BFF will essentially have 30 seconds to sing her heart out! Aaaahhh! We are praying for God’s Will… and hoping they match our desires. And, if not, well… there’s always next year!

Have you ever done an audition like this? Were you nervous? How did it go?

American Idol

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