Hotel ICON double room

Looking for the ideal Downtown Houston hotel? Hotel ICON puts you right in the middle of the action.

Hotel ICON double room

Hotel ICON

Hotel ICON is located diagonal to Market Square, the hub of downtown activity. Whether you need a great place to dine or just a fun place to hang out with the family, a brief walk cab lead you there. In fact, you can even do both in the lobby of the hotel at Line & Lariat. Order a House Salad, Caprese Panini, or Field Pea Snapper. The full-service kitchen is an elegant dining experience with a vibrant atmosphere.

L&L Bar Houston

Honestly, the entire hotel is much the same. Luxury and elegance are apparent throughout Hotel ICON. From the original bank vault door at the reception desk to the vintage look and feel of the rooms.

Hotel ICON bullhead

The little details are what set Hotel ICON apart. Even the elevator ride up the room was nostalgic. One step onto the 4th floor and a retro phone sets the tone for the walk to the room.

Hotel ICON elevator

Upon opening the door of the room, first glance offers a spacious living area. A soft green compliments the vintage furniture and decor throughout the space. From the orange accent chairs to the bull head robe holder in the bathroom, once again, the details come into play. Each piece adding another bit of flair to the setting of the hotel.

Hotel ICON bank vault

The downtown location and impeccable luxuries found at Hotel ICON make it an exceptional stay while in Houston. Learn more by liking Hotel ICON on Facebook.