Homewood Suites Manhattan spacious suites

Little Things Make a Big Difference at Homewood Suites

Disclosure: Our family was provided 2 nights at Homewood Suites Manhattan in return for our thoughts. All opinions are 100% our own.

When we travel, it’s the little things from home that we miss the most. Our comfortable bed, home-cooked meals, or simple decor touches that make it home. At Homewood Suites, you can still have ALL of that even when you can’t be home.

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Attention to detail is everything.

Homewood Suites little things big difference

Homewood Suites

This past weekend, we spent a couple of nights as guests of Homewood Suites Manhattan. After staying at a different hotel each night of our road trip from Dallas to New York, it was definitely nice to spend a few nights in one place. Plus, it was beautiful!

The kids absolutely loved the suite and Colby and I were equally pleased. Not only was it clean and wonderfully decorated, but the customer service there was the best we had experienced our entire trip.

Our ENTIRE trip! No lie, Y’all!

Okay, so what are those little things that made all the difference while traveling (in addition to a superb staff)? Read on…

Homewood Suites fully equipped kitchen

Fully Equipped Kitchen (and complimentary grocery shopping service)

When you are traveling for an extended amount of time, have a large family or diet restrictions, or simply looking to stay within a budget, a fully equipped kitchen can change everything.

Bring your own groceries or utilize the complimentary grocery shopping service to stock the kitchen during your stay.

And when they say “fully equipped” they mean fully. Pots, pans, silverware, glassware, plates, coffee maker. Everything you need to get cooking.

Oh, forget a toothbrush? Need a snack or drink? They also have a 24-hour Suite Shop Convenience Store in the hotel. Homewood Suites has you covered!

Homewood Suites outside eating area

Free Wi-Fi

In today’s world, free Wi-Fi is not a luxury, Y’all. It’s a necessity. At least in our world it is. Homewood Suites has free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

Several hotels charge for their internet, so this little thing is a huge deal. Yes, you can upgrade for faster service, but I can assure you we had no trouble with the free service during our stay.

Homewood Suites Manhattan spacious suites

Spacious Suites

First, notice I said “spacious suites.” Homewood Suites by Hilton includes over 350 hotels throughout North America with more than 40,500 suites. These are spacious studio, one- and two-bedroom suites.

Even in New York City, we had tons of room to move around and store our luggage. On average, a studio suite is 419 sq. ft, one-bedroom suite is 503 sq. ft, and a two-bedroom suite is 980 sq. ft.

And that 2 bedroom suite? It sleeps up to 8 people! 8! That is pretty much perfect for our family.

Homewood Suites complimentary evening social

Daily Full Hot Breakfast

No continental breakfast here. Homewood Suites actually offers a daily full hot breakfast. Eggs, toast, bagels… with cream cheese, sausage and biscuits, oatmeal, the list goes on. Served hot and fresh each morning of your stay.

Not to mention, some locations offer a complimentary evening social with drinks and food Monday through Thursday.

Homewood Suites Manhattan rooftop terrace

Online Check-In

As a tech lover, the HiltonHonors app is pretty awesome! Not only does it offer online check-in, but, in some instances, room selection is available.

Suite Selection, the hotel industry’s first interactive, web-based room selection tool allows you to check-in and then choose which room you occupy during your stay.

For example, at the Homewood Suites Manhattan, there are three rooms on their rooftop terrace deck.

Check in early enough and you just might score a rooftop room! I am a huge fan of this concept!

view from suite in Manhattan

I could probably go on and on about Homewood Suites by Hilton, but you get the idea! I haven’t even mentioned the CEILING FAN yet! How many hotels do you stay at that have a ceiling fan… with overhead lighting!

It’s a wonderful chain of hotels with plenty to offer. And again, with over 350 locations, you should be able to find one that fits your travel needs.