Even though we have two in public school this year, I still have a homeschool momma’s heart. So, this evening I was holding the baby while she took a much needed nap, but really needed to start dinner. Princess JF is always looking for something to do so I asked her if she thought she could help out (the older two were already at church and DH was on his way home from work). She was so excited to do it!

We were having one of our most simplest, but family favorite, meals. Thus, I walked her through how to turn on the over to preheat and then talked her through each step. Our kitchen and living area are separated only by a bar, so it was easy for me to relay each step and help her along the way. I asked her to grab a cookie sheet, and after sorting through them all she found one she liked. 🙂 She was able to get scissors to cut open the bag and laid each piece of chicken out perfectly spaced on the cookie sheet (these are bite size pieces). Next was the scary part for me… she had to put the chicken into the oven. After giving her very strict, detailed instructions Princess JF (with no fear) opened the oven and put the chicken on the rack as instructed and shut the oven with no mishaps! Whew… I was relieved.

Next, she set the timer on the microwave, and got a pan of water ready to boil. After setting it on the cooktop I taught her how to turn the burner on and made sure she understood how hot the cooktop could get. There were no problems! I told her how I typically set the table while I wait for the dinner to finish cooking, so she did that too until her daddy got home. She was so super excited to tell him about what she had been doing… and he looked at me like I was crazy! But, he helped her pour the rice into the water once it began boiling and removed the chicken from the oven once it was done. Yet, all in all, Princess JF had made her first meal! Yay!

I SOOOO wish I had grabbed some pictures, but I was under a sleeping baby. So here is a picture of Princess JF instead:

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