Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

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When guests at our home walk into our kitchen, the first thing that notice is the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. Honestly, it’s hard to not be drawn to the large touchscreen on the front of it. With so many amazing tech elements in one spot, it’s amazing to see and even more incredible to put to use.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung Family Hub

Now with the holidays upon us, time in the kitchen is about to double — at the very least. Holiday baking is one of our favorite family activities in the fall/winter months and goes hand-in-hand with family get-togethers. After all, the holidays around here are all about the family. This year, with the Samsung Family Hub in our baking space, it’s going to be even more entertaining and convenient. These innovative appliances, such as our refrigerator and the Samsung Wifi Range from Best Buy, make it easy for you to prep for the holidays.

Samsung Family Hub Pandora

Perhaps the one feature that is used daily in our home… and will become even more handy over the holidays… is the ability to stream music FROM OUR FRIDGE! I mean, it’s one of those things you really don’t think you need until you have it. Now, we have it on all the time. Parties are a great time to turn up the jams on the Samsung Family Hub because everyone seems to hang out around the kitchen. Being able to easily connect to services such as Pandora to play your favorite tunes sets the tune straight from the center of the kitchen. Holiday music for everyone!


Second, the kids have found great joy in using the Whiteboard on the refrigerator. Not only do they constantly update the notes and drawings to be specific to what’g going on, but sharing our family calendar keeps them in the know. Birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, even chores are easily to sync and see right on the fridge door. No one really has an excuse to miss any upcoming holiday events!


Finally, being able to look on the Samsung Smart Home app to see what’s in our fridge while at the grocery store has become a big habit. Once we begin baking more for the holidays, I am sure that checking for milk and eggs will become even more of a constant scenario. Seriously, the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is going to make this the best holiday season in the kitchen yet!


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