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TTPM Holiday Most Wanted Toys 2021 List

Not sure if you’re aware, but we are less than 100 days from Christmas already! This year seems to be flying by!

If you have kids looking for some of the holiday’s most wanted toys, experts say that yesterday was the best time to start shopping.

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This holiday, because of the supply chain issues, the hot toys will be harder to buy than ever before and we strongly suggest that if these items are on your kids’ wish list, buy them when you see them as there will be a scarcity come time December. The combination of the Covid-19 virus, combined with ports being backed up and the massive container shortage, will greatly affect the replenishment system, not only in toys, but for all consumer goods categories made overseas.

Jim Silver, CEO of TTPM (Toys, Tots, Pets & More)

As the leading and largest video reviewer of Toys, Baby Gear, and Pet Products, TTPM knows what kid want! With a combined 100+ years of predicting the hot toys, the TTPM Editorial Team has selected their HOT DOZEN™, the top 12 toys in each category.

2021 Holiday Most Wanted Toys List

Let’s take a look at the

2021 Most Wanted Toys

​​Learning & Developmental Play Hot Dozen™

Activities & Active Play Hot Dozen™

Role Playing & Imaginative Play Hot Dozen™

Entertainment/Influencers Hot Dozen™