Redefine Heart Health with Omron

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How often do you find yourself sitting at the doctor’s office getting your blood pressure taken–and discover it’s pretty high? Personally, my blood pressure runs low, but in the doctor’s office? Well, my anxiety kicks in and both my diastolic and systolic numbers are much higher than normal. What if you could provide them a better baseline for your blood pressure?

Redefine Heart Health with Omron’s Going for Zero Pledge

Redefine Heart Health

After all, doctors thrive on data. Having more blood pressure readings over time provides them with more insights and a more accurate view of your blood pressure which may be elevated upon a single reading in a doctor’s office. Being able to look at your blood pressure over a period of time that didn’t involve any pain, infection, or anxiety could help them better diagnose. The latest innovation from Omron –Omron EVOLV– is a portable, wireless upper-arm blood pressure monitor that is clinically validated for accuracy.


Omron’s blood pressure monitors are the number one most recommended brand for home monitoring, and are known for being medically accurate and very easy to use. The one-piece EVOLV blood pressure monitor fits on your upper arm and works with the push of a button. Therefore, you can easily rest for 15 minutes at home, slip on the Omron EVOLV, and take a more accurate blood pressure. These steady data points can then help your doctors get a more detailed look at your overall heart health through the Omron Connect App.

Going for Zero™

In fact, Omron wants to change people’s mindset when it comes to heart health by encouraging us to “monitor” our blood pressure rather than “check” it.

Omron Healthcare’s company mission is Going for Zero™, the elimination of heart attacks and strokes. The company has pursued its bold mission by developing new heart health technologies, working in collaboration with physicians, launching a national education campaign, and forming partnerships with groups like the American Heart Association and like-minded companies like AliveCor, combining their collective strengths to achieve new category breakthroughs.

Colby and I have both agreed to join the 90-day Going for Zero campaign and work towards a healthier heart. We’ve made lifestyle changes to our diet to lose weight and make a more conscious effort to focus on our health. If nothing else, we feel we owe it to our kids. We both want to see our grandkids one day. Therefore, it’s important to get started now. Not to mention, by monitoring our blood pressure weekly with Omron, we can better understand what drives our numbers up or down on the chart.

Redefine Heart Health

How often are you monitoring your blood pressure?

Follow Omron’s heart health tips, which include:

  • Exercise
  • Eat smart
  • Kick the habits
  • Stifle your stress
  • Monitor your blood pressure regularly

Purchase an Omron blood pressure monitor and take the Going for Zero™ pledge today!

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