Better Oats Oat Fit

4 Healthy Toppings for Better Oats Oat Fit Oatmeal

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Post Consumer Brands. All opinions are entirely my own.

Colby and I have been on a mission to get healthier this year. We want to make sure we can continue to do all the things we enjoy with our kids for years to come. This means making various lifestyle changes that began with healthier food choices.

Better Oats Oat Fit

Healthy Toppings for Better Oats

My biggest issue with “diets” are that they often include foods that don’t taste good and/or they leave you feeling hungry. Fortunately, I have discovered that whole grain oats can help you feel full and boost immunity

Therefore, Better Oats Oat Fit® from Kroger is the perfect solution for a healthy and convenient breakfast. It’s a great-tasting, satisfying instant oatmeal that includes a good source of fiber and only 100 calories.

This helps you satisfy your hunger while keeping your portions in check.

Better Oats Oat Fit with strawberries

I should add that I am also all about convenience. The quicker and easier a meal is to prepare, the more inclined I am to indulge.

Maple Brown Sugar Better Oats Oat Fit Oatmeal makes my mornings tasty and easy to prepare.

Plus, by adding a few different ingredients to the oatmeal, it diversifies my routine and keeps me satisfied until the next meal.

 oatmeal toppings for a whole new flavor

Just try one of these oatmeal toppings for a whole new flavor:

  • Berries and Cream — add a tablespoon of nonfat Greek yogurt with your favorite berry and mix well for a deliciously, creamy breakfast
  • Fruits — keep it simple by adding slices of banana, strawberries, kiwi or any other favorite fruit to the top and enjoy
  • Nuts and Seeds — add protein with various nuts or seeds, such as flax or chia seeds
  • Spices — whether you want to add a dash of cinnamon, cocoa, pumpkin, or another favorite, there’s no harm in adding additional flavors to your bowl of oats

With Oat Fit, you know that you are enjoying a breakfast that is naturally low in fat and is also a good source of both ALA Omega-3 t and fiber.

Not only are they naturally low in fat, they have no sugar added. Adding your own creativity and flavors to a bowl of oats are endless when you look around your kitchen.

Although, most days I keep it simple and just enjoy the sweet rich flavors of maple syrup and brown sugar in Better Oats Oat Fit Oatmeal.


That is more than enough to kick start my day and keeps me feeling great!

4 Healthy Toppings for Better Oats Oat Fit Oatmeal