Healthy Eating Habits

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Earlier this month, I resolved to eat healthier and change my lifestyle to achieve my goals. I was on a mission to find the energy I seem to have lost and to lose some of the weight I had found. Colby and I talked with a Registered Dietitian and she gave us some tips and recipes to help our mission. Basically, it has been about improving healthy eating habits for our family as a whole.

Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Eating Habits

After improving our eating habits over the past few weeks, I was thrilled to discover that I actually lost 5 pounds. Great for me considering other than walking around convention centers for 2 separate events, I have not been moving much. Our journey to healthier mornings has already paid off and we are just getting started.

overnight oats

Based on the tips and ideas we have learned from Robin Plotkin, RD, LD, we are also working to make other lifestyle changes throughout the year. In an effort to maintain our current eating plan, we will continue to incorporate the 90 second scrambled eggs and overnight oats into our mornings. Colby has really grasped the breakfast routine and makes sure that we all stick to it. Plus, the girls enjoy the oats as well and are on board with the delicious changes.

Those who drink lowfat or fat free milk in place of sweetened beverages like sugary sodas and fruit drinks are more likely to be at a healthy weight. Plus the protein helps build muscle for a lean body. –

Next month, the girls may find our new challenge a bit harder to grasp. As it stands, our children are only allowed one soda a day. Beginning this weekend, all soda will be thrown out and we will go coke-free for the next month. Dinner will be served with a glass of milk or water instead. We made this change last year, just Colby and I, and noticed huge benefits. Hopefully, we can stick to it this year… as a family. I do believe the motivation is better by getting everyone involved.

more milk

Finally, in an effort to further improve our health, we are actively searching for an exercise program that we can do as a family. Currently our 8 year old daughter leads our family fitness time. She is quite the workout instructor though! Luckily, through the campaign, Colby and I both received a Fitbit Flex to help jump start our fitness regime. I am thrilled to have both online and mobile tools to keep us motivated. Not only does it monitor steps, but it also helps track distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes and, yes, even sleep.

Fitbit Flex

My hope is that by finding a good rotation of exercises and establishing a routine, our children will continue the changes into adulthood. After all, that is my ultimate goal. To be healthy enough to have the energy to keep up with them… and our grandchildren one day.

What motivates you to make improvements towards healthy eating habits?

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