Granola With Milk And Fruits In Bowl For Breakfast

One of my goals for the year is to eat healthier and change my lifestyle to do so. Hopefully, that will result in a few pounds lost and energy gained.

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I was thrilled to talk to a Registered Dietitian who is going to help both Colby and me with this.

Not only us though, but our children will also benefit from what we learn as we begin this journey towards healthier mornings with Milk Mustache.

Granola With Milk And Fruits In Bowl For Breakfast

Healthier Mornings

While I talked to the RD, I had to tell her how much I truly needed her help in this area. I often forget to eat breakfast or choose whatever is most convenient.

She understood completely and is going to assist me in putting together a healthier morning routine and menu.

We discussed the foods I like to eat, as well as how I am stubborn about trying.

Adding high-quality protein – like the 8 grams available in each 8 oz. glass of milk – to your morning can help fight the mid-morning cravings that steer us from reaching these goals.

As we talked, she also mentioned that, for some of us, our body, as it ages, stops making the necessary enzymes needed to break down the lactose in our body.

Therefore, the RD is going to help me learn to take in the dairy I need without upsetting my stomach. She completely understood saying she was the same way.

But, I was assured that it did not mean I had to stay away from milk, it simply means I will have to get it in smaller amounts.

Let’s just hope it’s a bit less ice cream in the evening for me. I am sure my body could use a little less.

I cannot wait to see the menu she is able to put together for our family.

Tip: Set alarms on your phone to “remind” yourself to eat.

I am also hypoglycemic, so eating at least every 4 hours is important to my health.

But, I can get so focused on work or another activity that I completely forget to eat.

I never thought to use the alerts on my phone to remind myself to eat, but when the RD suggested it, it made perfect sense!

Why not? I have notes and alerts all over for everything else. Why not use them to remind myself to eat so that I do not crash from low blood sugar?

With 8 grams of high-quality protein in every 8 ounces, milk is an easy, simple, and delicious way to power up your Power Hours every day.

Another goal for the year is to change our sleeping habits. I am learning more and more how important getting a full night’s sleep is for your health. 

And making the most of your “Power Hours” (6 am to 8 am) can really help set you up for daylong success.

Therefore, by starting your morning with high-quality protein at breakfast you can help stay fuller longer and stick to your healthy eating goals.

How are you making changes towards healthier mornings?

The Got Milk Got Protein campaign is also helping Americans win their own free gallon of milk every day.

The promotion is designed to encourage Americans to get into a healthy routine by starting each morning with milk’s high-quality protein.

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Stay tuned throughout the month to learn more about how making milk a part of your morning can improve your health.

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