Huntress - Rainbow Unicorn - Princess Evie

Creating and Capturing Halloween Traditions with Kids with Panasonic LUMIX G7

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Do you remember having traditions for various holidays growing up? Have you carried those traditions into your own family life? As we were out trick-or-treating this past weekend, Colby and I began to reminisce about the way things were when we were kids. How our parents did things different, our costumes, the candy, even the cameras we used were different. For example, we have the Panasonic LUMIX G7 with a touch-enabled monitor, 4K Ultra HD Video and 4K Photo Modes. So even though we’ve progressed, we are still creating Halloween traditions with kids just the same.

Rainbow unicorn Halloween Costume - Inside Out

Halloween Traditions with Kids

Sure, technology and society have changed some of the ways we do things in today’s world, but many of the fundamentals are the same. As we began preparing for Halloween, I guess I began feeling nostalgic as I thought “way back” to our childhood in the 80s. You remember? The decade of thin plastic masks with vinyl smock costumes. I really don’t know how we were able to breathe in those things. Nowadays, you rarely see those type of masks. In fact, costumes nowadays look almost as real as the characters they portray. But, again, it’s more about the traditions:

Huntress - Rainbow Unicorn - Princess Evie

Yard Decorations

Okay, I have to admit, we don’t decorate our yard, but rather help the neighbors decorate theirs. They have the coolest decór for every holiday, and often need assistance in decorating, so we all help. Therefore, not only do we get to be friendly neighbors, but the kids get the benefit of admiring the fun Halloween yard decorations each year. Not to mention, the scene is perfect for creating a fun backdrop for costume photos with the Panasonic Lumix G7.

Halloween face paint - stars

Halloween Costumes

The costume itself is, for most kids, perhaps the single most important part of Halloween. For instance, this year Jaci simply had to be Evie from Disney’s Descendants. This was one hot selling costume and Colby and I made a special trip to the Disney Store — 2 months ago — to find it. We bought the last one in her size. Even the staff at the store cheered for us. I can also tell you we did not see one other Evie me like hers while we were out. Mission accomplished. We, of course, had to capture the historic scene with the Panasonic Lumix G7.

Trunk or treat time with family


In our family, we have taken part in the local trunk-or-treat for the last 7 years. Actually, this is only our second year to not actually have a trunk. We still enjoy going to the event, seeing our friends, and enjoying the other activities before heading out into the surrounding neighborhoods to trick-or-treat. This part is about creating those lasting memories for the kids.

Halloween hugs from friends

Candy Sorting

After a long evening of gathering candy, we come back home and sort through all the candy. The kids each keep a pile of candy they want and put the rest into a large bowl. Then they flip on the porch light and wait for the trick-or-treaters that are still out walking the neighborhood. They use the extra candy to give out to those kids. I think this is actually the best part of the night for the kids. They get so excited and love being able to share their candy. Plus, it’s a win for us because they care more about gathering lots to give away than they keep for themselves. Less cavities and sugar-induced craziness at my house? Yes, please!

Halloween candy and costumes

Spooky Movie

Once everything is said and done, it’s simply time to settle down for the night. We typically choose a family-friendly, Halloween-themed movie, cuddle on the couch, and watch the movie as the kids fall asleep one-by-one. It’s always the perfect ending to a fabulous, fun-filled family night. Or make your own Halloween movie with the 4K video mode of the Lumix G7:

Once it’s all said and done, we can look back through the superb pictures we captured with the mirrorless Panasonic Lumix G7 and recall each moment. After all, with the exclusive 4K Ultra HD Video and 4K Photo Modes, we are able to capture every memory with excellent quality for years to come. Be sure to like Panasonic on Facebook and follow @PanasonicUSA on Twitter and Instagram to see and learn more.