Halloween Costumes
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Yes, my teens still participate in dressing up in Halloween costumes. In fact, our whole family does simply because we partake in an annual Trunk-or-Treat outreach event with our church.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

But, this year I think the teens were excited about being able to deviate a bit from our family trunk to dress up for Howl-O-Scream at SeaWorld.

As we prepared for our trip to San Antonio, we knew that we would be attending their Howl-O-Scream event which includes Haunted Houses and scary costumes.

As you walk through the designated area of the park you are met with an array of eerie characters in costumes. Therefore, to add to the Halloween feeling, guests often dress up in costume as well.

Greek Goddess

Greek Goddess

Now, I am not sure how scary my oldest ended up looking… but she is a girl and, of course, just cared about looking pretty. Not scary. Thus, she picked a Greek Goddess costume because she had recently studied Greek Mythology and decided she wanted to be Athena.

Athena was the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, and much more. Also known as the virgin patroness of Athens.

Not to mention, the costume was airy and the empire waist allowed the dress to flow well off the body. The sleeveless dress and draped cloth across the back of both arms added to the romantic characteristic.

Plus, the unique fading of the fabric was eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Finally, the golden leaf headband added the perfect amount of color and flair.

A pair of shorts underneath to walk about the park and run through Haunted Houses and she was good to go!

Adult Ghost

She also went ahead and picked out another costume for my son. Although, he was a bit hesitant about wearing it to the park so her boyfriend did instead.

The second costume actually went well with the theme of the event we were attending. In fact, I am sure he could have joined the SeaWorld crew and scared pack-goers himself if he had tried.

The Adult Ghost Costume has a bit of  a terrorizing appeal to it. The white, hooded robe has printed stitching and flared sleeves that hang well past the hands. The included mask has black mesh lining over the eyes and mouth to prevent any visual glance at the wearer’s face.

And, finally, the removable plastic chain is a great accessory for adding to the authenticity of the look.

Are you still looking for your Halloween Costume?