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Summers are usually not friends with hair. Harsh sunlight can damage natural hair and scalp, and maintaining the texture of hair in humidity is one of the biggest challenges.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get perfect hairstyles in summer.

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Keep Nourishing the Hair

Just like skin, hair needs moisture too, and summer can cause dryness to hair. A hair serum can help lock the moisture in the hair.

Nourished hair will look bouncy, healthy, and shiny. Use a heat-protecting spray if you are styling your hair and apply a sun protection spray before going out. 

Choose The Right Shampoo

People start adding moisturizers with SPF into their skincare routine in summer but forget about the hair. Try getting sulphate-free shampoos to help strengthen your hair and prevent color fade from the sun. 

It is important to mention that your scalp and hair health depends greatly on the shampoo you choose—your skin type and scalp are of a similar texture; therefore, you might want to match the shampoo accordingly.

For instance, if you have oily skin, the scalp will also be oily. As a rule of thumb, choose your shampoo according to the scalp condition. 

tape in hair extensions

Use Tape-In Extensions

Hair extensions are easy to use and save your natural hair from damage in styling. An interesting fact about hair extensions, such as tape-in hair extensions, is that they promote hair growth.

Besides being a safe method for giving you instantly thicker and longer hair, these also promote hair growth.

Tape-in-extensions can make your hair more versatile without stunting the growth of your natural hair. 

Tape-in extensions are painless, non-damaging, and versatile. Furthermore, they are easy to carry as they are breathable, lightweight, and don’t pull your natural strands. 

You can also customize them according to your hair type and hair color. Tape-in extensions should be applied to clean hair by a professional without the use of any chemicals. 

Watch Out For Chlorine

Chlorine can damage your hair, causing breakage, split ends, change color of your hair, and frizz. To solve the problem of split ends buy thinning shears so that you can use them when needed and skip the visit every week to the barber shop. 

The thing about chlorine is that it works as a disinfectant and keeps the swimming pool bacteria-free; however, the disinfectant properties don’t sit well with your hair and scalp. Besides stripping your hair of natural oils, chlorine also leaves your hair dull and dry.

Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo right after getting out of the swimming pool and then use the shampoo you normally use. 

Pack Away Your Irons

You can use a hairdryer, but curling and straightening can cause damage to the hair, leaving them dry and vulnerable to split ends. 

The gripping and pulling action of the flat iron against your hair strips your hair of natural oils, eventually leaving the strands dry. Due to the damaged hair follicles, your hair cannot hold its natural shape.

You should always use a heat protectant before using the iron rod to limit the damage. It’s better to curl or straighten hair extensions instead of your real hair.