couple walking through parking lot with young child after grocery shopping

Keeping children safe is a top concern for every parent, even more so when you’re away from home.

Parking your vehicle safely can be tricky at the best of times, let alone with young kids in tow. 

So it’s crucial to cultivate good habits and take preventive measures to secure your little ones during your travel adventures.

This guide is aimed at ensuring you know how to park safely during such trips whilst considering their security with the utmost seriousness.

couple walking through parking lot with young child after grocery shopping

Parking Safely With Young Kids

Join me as we explore necessary actions that will create a safer environment for everyone involved.

Park in a Secure Parking Lot Whenever Possible (e.g. With Barriers)

When traveling with kids, safety should always be your number one priority. That’s why it’s essential to look for secure parking lots, preferably ones equipped with barriers or even a modern parking system.

Such a system offers superior security measures that can deter potential incidents or thefts, offering you peace of mind while you enjoy your day out.

Use technology and local resources to identify such lots beforehand to avoid last-minute confusion and frustrations.

Be Aware of Surroundings

Being acutely aware of your surroundings is another integral part of parking safely while traveling. Keep a keen eye on the environment, traffic patterns, and activity in the lot.

Also, teach your child to stay close and be mindful of other moving vehicles. Establish clear instructions for your children to follow when you’re navigating parking lots together.

Awareness eventually becomes second nature, significantly reducing the chance for unfortunate incidents to occur.

Don’t Leave Kids Unattended In the Car

It might seem convenient to quickly run an errand with your children left in the car — especially if they’re sleeping. However, this should be avoided at all costs due to safety and health risks.

Unexpected events could transpire that put them in danger or they may find themselves scared and alone.

To keep safe during your family road trip, it’s always best to wake your child and take them with you no matter how brief your errand promises to be.

Lock Your Car Properly

This aspect often gets overlooked in the rush of getting everyone and everything out of the car. However, forgetting to properly lock your car can leave your belongings vulnerable to theft.

Hence, while it’s important to help kids exit promptly and safely, ensure that you also take a moment to double-check that all doors are locked. Instructing older children about this safety measure is also a good idea.

Avoid Backing In or Out With Kids Around

It’s a known fact that reversing poses one of the greatest risks to children in parking lots. That’s mainly because kids are often outside the range of normal rearview mirrors.

For this reason, it’s highly wise not to back out or drive forward when children are playing or walking near your car.

Adopt practical solutions, like having an adult hold their hand while maneuvering the car, to avoid any undesirable incidents. It’s a crucial aspect of safe driving to always be extra cautious while reversing, and insist that kids stand clear.

Keep Car Keys Away From Children’s Reach

While giving kids access to car keys might seem like a good way to keep them occupied, it carries several risks.

Besides the remote concern of children accidentally unlocking the car, there is a real danger of keys being lost or swallowed.

Thus, it’s wise to always keep your keys out of their reach and find safer alternatives as playthings. Reinforce this rule firmly in expectations for older children who may be handed keys for convenience’s sake.

Remember, parking safety isn’t just about protecting your vehicle but also about safeguarding those precious little ones on board.

You can do this by implementing the tips we’ve covered in this guide whether you’re in your hometown or out exploring unfamiliar spots. Safe travels and easy parking!