30 days of praise

Day 25: I am a number fanatic. Ever since I was in Jr. High, I remember being this way. I do not go to bed or get out of bed without the numbers of the clock adding up to 7 (seven) or 11. If I eat a cookie or something of that sort it must be in equal amounts. But mostly, I tend to center things around the number 7. Perhaps that is why the name “7 on a Shoestring” came to be. There is something about that number.

I am extremely grateful for my family of 7. I could not imagine our lives any other way. Today though, I am thankful for the 7 pregnancies that led to our youngest. After 2 miscarriages, it was my 7th pregnancy that “stuck” and produced the beautiful baby girl we have every day. My Monkey. Although she can be more than her share of work to manage some days, she is absolutely amazing in every way.

I am grateful for the colored walls, dirty handprints, spilled milk, toys on the floor, items in the toilet, crumbs in my bed, and sleepless nights. Each of every one of these things reminds me daily how blessed I am. The pain I endured and the journey we took to simply have her. The baby we lost, the empty womb pregnancy, and the blood loss and misdiagnosed tests all challenged me to be a stringer person. I fought hard to deliver a healthy baby. And won.

Today I am thankful to know that God blessed us with our number 7. Without Monkey I do not feel that our family would be finished. She completes our family and we are beyond blessed and grateful for our family of 7 on a shoestring.


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