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Meet Avery

Modern Medicine + Science

We’re grateful for modern medicine and advancements in science.

They’re obviously an incredibly vital part of getting Avery into remission.🎗

In addition to chemo meds, Avery starts her day with (currently) 4 oral meds… as well as other medications in her PICC line throughout the day.

These medications can offer protection against possible infections, help control her blood pressure, there’s a steroid, gas meds for her reflux, medicines to help with uric acid or other blood issues, Tylenol for aches/fevers and any other number of things needed to help her stay healthy through chemo.

Follow Avery’s journey with Leukemia here.

How can you help from home?

First, prayer. We need to continue to storm the gates of heaven for Avery.

Their biggest tangible needs are food and money. Even with insurance, the costs are undoubtedly going to continue to add up.

For starters, we set up a GoFundMe with a tentative amount that will most likely go up as we continue: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-baby-avery-beat-leukemia

To help them stay fed while at the hospital, we’ve found DoorDash gift cards are best: https://doordash.launchgiftcards.com/

Email for digital gift cards here: [email protected]

Want to send cash straight to Chey through Cashapp? $CheyenneShipwash

Or you can send it to me via PayPal and I’ll send it straight over to them: https://www.paypal.me/stacisalazar

Want to send tangible gifts? We’ve set up an Amazon Wish List.

Purchase a shirt here: Happily Ever Avery products

Facebook page for updates: Happily Ever Avery

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