30 days of praise

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Day 21: I still remember being pregnant with my first born and anticipating every part of her being. I longed to be a mom and could not wait to see this baby growing inside of me. Although my kidneys had a rough go with that first pregnancy, as soon as she was born my kidneys returned to normal but my life was forever changed. She made me a mommy and I still recall the first time she said the word out loud. I cried and could feel my heart melt deep in my chest. I officially felt like a mom after that.

Today, that “baby” is 16 years old and so much like me at times it is scary. She is honestly one of my best friends {and, yes, I am her parent as well} and one of the hardest workers I know. She has had a job since she was 13 years old and has learned to fully understand the value of a dollar. Now, that is not to say the she does not like to spend her and there every once in a while, but working for it herself gives her an appreciation for budgets.

Plus, I may be biased, but I believe she is absolutely beautiful and all-around amazing. She has a heart for love and is a romantic at heart. When I need a shoulder I know she will be there. She is her brother’s best friend and younger sisters’ role model. Although she can be my biggest drama queen at times, she can also be my best comforter. I love her for all the things she is and all that she wants to be. Her dreams are big and her desire is bigger.

I am grateful for my 16 year old… forever and always “my sunshine” she will be.


365 Days of Gratitude

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