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When our newest addition of Odyssey Magazine arrived I was quickly drawn to the title, “How Social Media Helps Feed the Hungry.” We have been trying to teach our kids more about humility, compassion and giving to others. This was perfect!

Odyssey Magazine feed the hungry

Teach Kids to Give Back

There are so many ways to use social good to help others. To use the voice you are given. As we read through the article together, we had discussions about being wasteful, environmental costs of waste, and even how we could help tackle the problem. Incredibly important, and fascinating, conversations to have with your children. And they were all based on the article we read in Odyssey Magazine from Cricket Media. Using the magazine as a reading supplement, we can further enhance the learning aspect in several subjects.

Odyssey Magazine from Cricket Media

For example, the edition also has an article on dumpster diving for food. I must admit, the girls were taken back by the idea. But, as we read they better understood the concept. When it was mentioned that 800 million people in the world are starving and “if we could get them the food that Americans throw away, we could feed another 200 million“… well, that they understood. Reading those words painted a picture that they could better understand.

teach kids to give back with Odyssey Magazine

Plus, the articles helped spark three tips on teaching kids to give back:

  1. Be an example. I honestly don’t think anything teaches them better than seeing you doing exactly what you’re teaching.
  2. Learn about needs. You can’t help others if you don’t know that their needs are. Read. Ask. Look around. The opportunities are there.
  3. Encourage their desire to help. Whether it’s a can food drive, bake sale, or lemonade stand to raise money for charity, support their efforts.

All that from one article we read in Odyssey Magazine. Not a bad way to stem conversations and the idea of helping others through a few articles.

How do you teach kids to give back?

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