fun in the snow

Gift of Lights and Snow Village at Texas Motor Speedway

We do not see a lot of snow here in North Texas. The warmer temperatures keep the snow away, and if we do get any, it never sticks around too long. Therefore, when we attended the Gift of Lights and Snow Village at Texas Motor Speedway this past weekend, the kids could not get enough!

Gift of Lights

We had no idea what to expect once we arrived at the Gift of Lights. We were instructed to turn our headlights off and drive under the grandstands to view all of the light displays. As we drove through we saw a variety of fun themes played out with lights.

Gift of Lights TMS

There were sports represented from baseball to stock car racing. Elves tossed gifts into stockings and reindeer flew over our heads as we drove underneath them. Each of the 12 days of Christmas was displayed and it sparked a spontaneous citing of the poem among the children. I was even delighted to see the Nativity played out as we drove along with each of the three wise men, Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. The kids enjoyed knowing the reason for the season and why it was included.

Christmas light display

Being able to drive underneath the wide array of lights was perhaps the children’s favorite part of the evening… until we got to the Snow Village at least.

fun in the snow

Snow Village

As I said, we don’t get snow often in Texas. Once the kids saw all of the snow they could not wait to take off. We have never been snow tubing, so that was the very first place we had to go. In fact, we rode down it a few times. The kids loved sliding down the snow, twisting and turning, and laughing all the way…HaHaHaHa. Oh, I  mean, yeah… they had a fabulous time!

Snow Village TMS

But that was not all of it. Their was plenty of snow on the ground to be played with… and thrown… as well. A snow blower kept the fresh snow coming and the ground held mounds of the white powder. We ran through the dusts of snow and had snowball fights as we did. Every once in a while they would decide to go back to the tubes again, and then would come right back to the snow area. It was tough getting them to leave, but the place did have to close for the night.

Discount Admission

You can still enjoy the Gift of Lights, as well as the Snow Village, through New Years Day. Plus, if you bring a bag of clothing for Goodwill or 3 cans of food for Tarrant Area Food Bank, you can receive $2 off of regular price per carload for the light show or $2 off per person for Snow Village admission. Limit 1 carload (Gift Of Lights) or (4) persons (Snow Village) per coupon .