NCAA game day ready with Dove Men+ Care

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Last weekend we toured our daughter’s college campus and visited the bookstore for some varsity gear. It’s her senior year and it meant a lot to her that we attend Family Weekend with it being her final year there. Last year, we did the same thing and her younger siblings really enjoyed getting a glimpse of the college life. The highlight of the weekend is definitely the game on Saturday night. Everyone knows football is big in Texas… and college game day is sacred to these college towns.

Getting College Game Day Ready at Sam's Club

College Game Day Ready

Also a well-known fact about Texas is that it can get hot—even in the fall. That means that although most of the games take place during the cooler parts of the year, the first few weeks are still played under the heat of the Texas sun. And just like many game day traditions fans have, Colby has his NCAA game day routine down pat too. In addition to his lucky shirt and ball cap, there’s also a few products that help him feel more confident and college game day ready. After all, it can get intense under the sun and under the emotions of watching your team play.

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Fortunately, we can easily order his game day supplies online at With everything else going on at home, this makes picking up our items from Sam’s Club easier and more convenient. We can find items marked for online ordering to add to our online cart, pull up in the drive-thru area of the club, and then quickly be back on our way home to get ready. Or, Sam’s Club Consumer credit card holders can use the Scan & Go app to check out faster. Scan. Pay. Show your receipt. Done. Not to mention, we save even more time by buying his favorite essentials, such as AXE and Dove Men+Care products, in bulk sizes. If his team plays well and causes less stress-sweat, it should be enough to last all season!

NCAA game day ready with Dove Men+ Care

Colby has been a longtime fan of both brands. Dove Men+Care bath products line our shower wall. He likes the refreshing feeling it leaves after washing and the fact that it rinses off easily. Personally, I enjoy the light fragrance because it’s not overwhelming, yet still offers the perfect amount to give him a lingering fresh, clean scent. He then tops it off with a slight misting of AXE Body Spray and is game ready to cheer his NCAA teams onto victory. Well, hopefully. All I know is he smells good while watching the game.

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What does your game day routine look like?

By encouraging our guys to make these champion styling and hygiene brands a part of their traditions, they can look and feel their best during every game day ritual.

Dove Men+Care club packages

Pick up the club-sized packs for them at Sam’s Club so they will have enough product to get through the whole season.

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