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I remember watching General Hospital with my Juelita “back in the day.” As we would lay down for nap, she would turn on her soaps. Therefore, being on the set of the iconic Daytime Drama was surreal. It brought back a myriad of memories and helped me make new ones. It was quite an experience to walk onto the set and get a glimpse inside THE “General Hospital.

General Hospital

General Hospital

Before we were able to go on the set (they were filming and we had to wait for a break), we took a look at a few prop archives. Gowns from past shows, doctor tools previously used by the cast, art work from the set, as well as other items from over the 50 year reign of the daytime drama. It was incredible to get a look into the past of show with such deep history. A show that has spanned generations and brought many laughs, tears, and surprises over the years.

General Hospital wardrobe

In fact, be prepared to be dazzled and entertained with the upcoming Nurses Ball.

Nurses Ball
Photo Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC

Always a popular event, this year’s gala will no doubt be talk of the town.

Port Charles will once again hold the iconic Nurses Ball gala, a fundraiser for HIV and AIDS awareness and research. As the Nurses Ball 2014 begins, several popular Port Charles residents will be noticeably absent from the Red Carpet and stuck at home watching the festivities on TV. Old and new loves will percolate while others find themselves in awkward situations. Amidst all the romantic drama, the never-dull Nurses Ball audience will be entertained with fun performances and sexy surprises.

The Nurses Ball episodes air May 8 through May 13.

Nurses Ball rehearsal fun
Young Brooklyn Rae Silzer as “Emma Drake” dances with Ian Buchanan as “Duke Lavery,” and young Michael Leone as “Cameron Spencer” dances with Finola Hughes as “Anna Devane.”
Photo Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC

Although we did not catch a glimpse of what may be coming while there, we were able to enjoy the set. As the cast and crew took a break, we were able to walk around and explore a few areas on our own. Of course, we may have had a bit of fun with it too. There were a lot of moms in the room, so of course the sonogram machine became an element of amusement.

alien baby GH

This was one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen “played out” on General Hospital, I believe. Leanette (@TeachMe2Save) was by Kas’ (@SBellasWays) side as Emme Rylan (@EmmeRylan) tells her she is going to have an alien baby! I even recorded it for them so you can get a 15 second snippet of the fun!

What has been your favorite General Hospital memory?

You can watch “General Hospital” Monday through Friday at 2:00- 3:00 pm ET on The ABC Television Network.

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