Gabriel Iglesias

We are huge fans of Gabriel Iglesias. I mean, he’s hilarious and talking to him was like a dream come true. Seriously one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Down-to-earth, humble, and open to real conversations. Not something you find every day when meeting a celebrity.

Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias

One of the most significant topics we discussed with Gabriel was his social media accounts. I know that sounds crazy… but his dedication is remarkable. Not all celebrities run their own social media. But, Fluffy? Oh yes. He does and he really enjoys it. In fact, he is known for his passion for his fans. The day of our interview we got a call letting us know he was running a little behind due to a meet and greet he had earlier in the day. When the rep called to explain I knew. I laughed and told her I knew about the fan event, understood how much Gabriel appreciated his fans, and told her we would see her at the later time.

Honestly. As a fan… this means a lot to us as well. Right? After all, we, as fans, are the ones that support and love these guys and Gabriel totally gets that. Hats off to you, Sir!

Gabriel Iglesias

But he knows because he came from the “ghetto” as he mentions in his shows. And, more importantly, he hasn’t forgotten that. He began in a small comic club that paid him $20 for his first live show. From there it just seemed to snowball into where he is today.  He attributes the key to his success to his ability to network. He claims that returning phone calls, emails, and talking to people means everything in his world. In his words:

“Be nice to people. You don’t have to be mean to people. Common courtesy goes a long way.”

See what I mean? People 101.

Blurry selfie with Gabriel Iglesias
He literally took my phone and started taking pics of us together. He is awesome!

Of course, there was plenty of comic relief as we talked. Lots of laughs. When I asked him how he spends his downtime, we were given a great story about his bathroom at home. Yes, his toilet. He told us about how comfortable it is, as well as other great features. It was such a fun, personal story that showed how incredibly open he is. Plus it gave the three of us in the room a nice inside joke with Gabriel Iglesias. How cool is that?! #rememberthetoilet

Autographed Fluffy poster

What keeps him on the top of the comedy superstars? He doesn’t get political or religious. He shares personal information and keeps it real. People can connect and relate to him. Of course, there is embellishing but it is what makes his stand-up great.

How does he keep himself level-headed and humble? By making himself accessible. Taking pictures with fans. Signing autographs. He LOVES attention and makes sure to put himself out there in front of the people that adore him.

Gabriel simply believes in staying connected.

Oh final note: I did find it interesting that his favorite city… the one with his biggest fans… is Oslo, Norway! Who knew?! That’s awesome.

Fluffy Movie

What is your favorite Gabriel Iglesias moment?

The Fluffy Movie is now in theaters… plus you can hear Gabriel Iglesias in several upcoming animated films.