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Tell me you’ve not heard your kids say, “I am bored,” numerous times a day. The bright side is that they are active and are ready to take on more activities after returning from school. 

Kids get bored quickly, and it’s often challenging to keep them occupied with multiple activities on a daily basis. As soon as they get home, they want to look forward to more activities, playtime, and fun-filled afternoons before bedtime.

This article will list fun after-school activities your children can stay busy with for the entire week. 

girl blowing bubbles while sitting on a swing

Let Them Explore

The best way to keep them busy for hours is to let them explore. We all know there are unparalleled benefits to allowing them to learn through play and observation. 

This is our favorite, as it requires minimal to no effort and doesn’t cost any money. All you need to do is give them a backpack to carry their exploration tools, such as a notebook, pencil, stick, chalk, a ziplock bag, etc., and off they go!

Now, letting them explore can mean a lot of things. It can mean being out in nature to just observe their surroundings, taking a stroll around your neighborhood, or giving them a list of things to collect from their walks. If you’re creative about it, there are tons of things to do when they are out and about.

We have thought of some cool and constructive ideas you can shuffle around each day, so they don’t get bored of doing the same thing.

  1. Blow Bubbles

Kids and bubbles are always a hit. Allow them to carry their bubble machine to spice it up every time. They are easily available and don’t worry if you feel it runs out. You can make your own mix by adding dishwashing liquid. 

  1. Explore Neighborhood and Nearby Parks

Being out doing physical activities are a healthy choice for kids to stay engaged after-school. They can play, make friends, run around and get their wiggles out. Practice taking them to nearby parks once or twice a week.

  1. Ride a Bike

Another healthy and fun choice is to have dedicated bike riding time for your kids. If you have a park in your neighborhood, you’re lucky. But if you don’t, allow them to ride their bikes in your front yard, backyards, or just around your driveway. 

Bikes for kids are easily available at sports stores, so if your child does not own one yet, you may want to look into purchasing one. They last a couple of years unless your child grows out of them.

  1. Draw with Chalk

Trust us. This idea will keep your little artist busy for hours. Give them colorful chalk to draw something on your driveway or somewhere outside that’s safe.

Ask them to draw different things every day, and take pictures once they finish. It could be a family member, a toy, a school friend, or simply encourage them to draw something they have observed on that day.

Plus, there are many chalk games that you can introduce them to. This outdoor activity with chalks is an all-time favorite among kids. 

Sign Them Up For an After-School Kids Club

There’s no better way to ensure these little monkeys learn and spend their after-school hours doing something productive. After-school clubs are becoming more popular, and it’s definitely worth it.

There are various options to pick from, such as karate clubs, science clubs, art and crafts clubs, and music clubs. Let’s look at a few choices.

  1. Science Club

Science clubs for children can either be online or offline. With offline classes, you do have to supervise them if they’re too young. Performing simple experiments is a wonderful way for children to learn, observe and think creatively. 

Supply them with essentials, and let them observe erupting lava, learn how the baking soda challenge works, or how to grow crystals. You could also encourage them to make their own slime.

Performing science experiments once a week is a great after-school activity for kids of all ages. You could also get them involved in gardening. Let them plant seeds and discover how plants grow and what they need to survive. 

  1. Play a Game

The winning activity is to involve them in an outdoor sports activity. If you have friendly neighbors with children, invite them over too. Let them develop social skills and play organized sports such as football, dodgeball, or open-ended sports. 

  1. Any Form of Exercise

There are many various indoor and outdoor exercises that your children can take part in, such as playing tag, skipping, dancing, karate, or even swimming. These are all great after-school activities for children.

Quiet Time

This is more suitable for parents who like to keep their children indoors after school. Quiet time does not necessarily mean encouraging boredom. They can spend their quiet time doing many activities such as playing board games, reading, drawing, or being involved in simple crafts.

Let’s look at some of the quiet after-school activities for kids to stay busy.

  1. Break out Board Games

If you have multiple children, this is the ideal choice for keeping them occupied. Board games can improve their math skills, boost their thinking abilities, and encourage children’s critical thinking. Stock up on age-appropriate board games and have certain days allocated for board games that they can look forward to. 

  1. Get Crafty

You may need to buy craft supplies, including safety scissors, colorful paper, glue, glitters, washi tapes, paper plates, water color, etc. Give them ideas to make something creative on their own, and let them get messy.

Being involved in arts and crafts encourages kids to build focus and cognitive skills.  This idea will keep kids of all ages busy for hours for sure.

  1. Painting

Painting is a wonderful way to reflect on their mental health. Ask them to paint a picture to express their emotions or feelings on that particular day. Sit with them to paint a picture of your own as well. To encourage them further, hang their artwork on a wall, or have a corner to display their creativity. 

  1. Reading

To improve your child’s vocabulary and reading abilities and furthermore expand their knowledge, hand them age=appropriate books to read in their free time. Take them to a library to pick the books they’d like to read. 

Start early, and you’ll have little bookworms without even realizing it. Kids love to escape into their magical world, and books enable them to build their fictional world.


For after-school activities, try to take advantage of their personal interests. Every child is different. Not everyone will enjoy quiet time or like to socialize with other kids. Listen to their cues and plan accordingly.

Mixing and matching these activities will keep them looking forward to doing different things daily. The big idea is to embrace their personalities and well-being with fun after-school activities. Good luck!