Fun Places To Take Your Kids for a Scooter Ride

Find out more about the best indoor and outdoor scooter tracks for your children and their scooters to explore.

You’ve prepared your kids’ scooters and are now searching for a safe location where they may enjoy their scooting excursion.

Perhaps you’re searching for a new place to visit in your city, or you’re bringing your scooters on vacation and want to know where to ride when you arrive.

These are some of the most fantastic scooter and bike tracks to visit with your kids.

Fun Places To Take Your Kids for a Scooter Ride in Australia

Jim Walsh Park, Eastwood

Jim Walsh Park is popular with walkers, runners, children, and families because it has a walking track, a playground, and a children’s bike track.

It’s a simple and tiny track that has only road markings.

But the bike track is perfect for little kids.

There is another yummy, family-friendly café and good bush area to plant teepees and it is near Vineyard Creek walking path.

Ryder Park, Queensland

Ryder Park is the ideal spot for families and, more so, young kids learning how to use their scooter bike.

Your children may scoot while learning about road safety at Ryde Park Scooter Track.

The course has a roundabout, traffic lights, and traffic signs that will provide hours of entertainment.

It’s also wholly gated for your safety.

This park is a family favourite, and with a new café only a few feet from the scooter track, it’s easy to see why.

There’s also a playground, picnic tables, beautiful gardens, and a separate gated dog-off-leash area, so bring your furry friends along.

Ryde Park visitors say it’s the best scooter park for young children under seven or eight.

Heffron Pedal Park, Maroubra

Beginner riders and older siblings will love the scooter track at Heffron Pedal Park.

It is great if you’re searching for a fully-fenced playground for your kids to practice their scooter abilities, especially if you live in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The ride track is really a network of tiny roads with road signs, roundabouts, and traffic signals to navigate.

It’s fantastic for creative play, but it also has the advantage of teaching youngsters necessary road safety skills and the road rules.

There’s plenty of parking, toilet facilities, shade, and a playground to keep the kids occupied when it comes to amenities.

Bay Run, Leichhardt Park, Inner West

The Bay Run, also known as Bay Walk, is the ideal scooter and bike track for active families in Sydney.

You can enjoy bike riding, jogging, a family walk, or even push the pram while your kids ride scooters or their balance bikes.

The shared-use trail has plenty of space for everyone, even on weekends when it can become pretty crowded.

The breathtaking harbour and city vistas will wow you, while the largely level route will delight the youngsters.

There are many opportunities to stop and recharge those small engines as the route travels through various parks.

King George Park in Rozelle could be the area to park if you have children.

Livvi’s Place, Elara, Marsden Park

In collaboration with the local authorities, The Touched by Olivia Foundation built this incredible park with a fantastic roster of scooter tracks in 2019.

It’s a place where children of all scooter abilities can play and have a ton of fun together.

The scooter bike and balancing bike course, and playground equipment is located inside the fully fenced playground.

Zebra crossings, traffic signals, pedestrian crossings, and roundabouts are among the track’s road safety measures.

There are also a few entertaining details, such as a gas station and a wavy speed humps, that the young riders will enjoy.

When your little ones have had their fill of riding around, there is a fantastic water park for them to cool down.

Sydney Olympic Park, Bicentennial Park & Newington Armory

These scooter and bike tracks are suitable for the whole family and provide everything needed for a leisurely scoot or balancing bike ride through Sydney’s parklands and nature reserves.

Not to mention the Olympic-sized amount of room for children to play without crowding other park visitors.

There are various playgrounds and eateries along the road and great sites like picnic areas or BBQ facilities.

If you have younger children, the Children’s Loop at Bicentennial Park is an excellent place to go.

If your children are older than five, there are three Bike Safari Circuits to choose from, each suited to a different degree of riding skill.

Brightmore Reserve, Cremorne, New South Wales

Learner riders can practice their abilities on a small road system at Brightmore Reserve.

They’ll like navigating the scooter paths, zebra crossings, passing lanes, and roundabouts, as well as the little play town where they can pretend to be customers in store windows and “refuel” their scooters and balancing bikes.

Here’s a gated playground where kids may scoot and play simultaneously.

Bring a ball and a picnic lunch to enjoy in the shade in the open green area.

Primrose Park, just across the street, has facilities.

The Esplanade, Manly Beach, Auckland

Active families will love it.

Manly Beach offers a level paved road and cycleway ideal for riding scooters and balancing bikes.

The route runs from Queenscliff to Shelly Beach and provides spectacular ocean vistas and a coastal feel.

It’s a popular spot for both bikers and runners, so you can choose how you want to keep up with the youngsters.

Finish with a swim in the water or some beach play.

There are plenty of eateries, restrooms, and drinking fountains to keep everyone fed, watered, and happy along the route.

Which Scooter Park Will You Try?

If you’re hunting for a fun adventure to keep your kids entertained during the school holidays or on weekends, take them to a skate park, bike track, or one of Australia’s numerous scooter bike parks.

There are several things to do as a family and excellent safe playgrounds where kids can enjoy themselves.

Make the day memorable and special for your children by taking them on picnics or eating at one of the numerous restaurants in the vicinity.