Mistress of All Evil YA book
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Have you ever found yourself rooting for the villain in your favorite Disney movie? There are times when—once we take a good look—that we can really put ourselves into the antagonist shoes. We understand the anger and torment they feel. After all, even Disney villains have feelings. In fact, with a little research, I discovered some

Fun Facts About Disney Villains

Mistress of All Evil YA book

Often living in the shadows of everyone’s beloved princess, Disney villains are some of the most popular characters in the Disney movies. From Maleficent to the Evil Queen, there’s much to be learned about the life of an antagonist. For example, in The Disney Villains series by Serena Valentino explores how the antagonists in Disney movies became some of storytelling’s most iconic villains. In the first four Villains books, we see how the Evil Queen, the Beast, Ursula, and Maleficent fall into darkness, through the instigation of the mysterious Odd Sisters: Lucinda, Martha, and Ruby.

Why does Maleficent curse the innocent princess? What led to her becoming so filled with malice, anger, and hatred? Many tales have tried to explain her motives. Here is one account, pulled down from the many passed down through the ages. It is a tale of love and betrayal, of magic and reveries.

It is a tale of the Mistress of All Evil.

Through The Disney Villains series, we are able to get a more in-depth look into the villain’s story. One we don’t often hear. The fun facts about Disney villains we want to know, such as:

  • Most Disney villains wear red, black, purple, or some combination of the three.
  • Most Disney villains also appear to have either green, yellow, or black (no iris) eyes—the only exceptions being Gaston (blue eyes), Jafar (brown eyes), Ursula (gray eyes), and Doctor “The Shadow Man” Facilier (purple eyes).
  • Maleficent’s name in Sleeping Beauty—not mentioned but in the movie—comes from the Latin word maleficenta, which means “evil-doing.”
  • Maleficent is the only Disney villain that serves as the main protagonist of her own film.
  • Maleficent’s outfit was meant to be as frightening as possible and that is why her collar represents the wings of a bat and her horns are reminiscent of the devil.
  • The Evil Queen from Snow White is never mentioned by name, but apparently her real name is Queen Grimhilde.
  • Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston is the first ever male villain to appear in a Disney princess film. He’s also one of the youngest (mid-20s) Disney villains to date, along with Hans (23) from Frozen.
  • Hades is presumably the oldest of the Disney Villains, being an immortal god. Mother Gothel from Tangled, while she’s not immortal, is presumably the oldest human Disney Villain.
  • Mother Gothel is also the first Disney villain to die of old age.
  • Scar from The Lion King and Hades from Hercules are currently the only Disney Villains to be biologically related to the main protagonist of the movie.
  • Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas is the only Disney Villain to be based on an actual person.

Woah! And there are so many more fun facts out there!

Disney Villains series

Ready to find out more about the Mistress of All Evil?

Serena Valentino has been weaving tales that combine mythos and guile for the past decade. She has earned critical acclaim in both the comic and horror domains, where she is known for her unique style of storytelling, bringing her readers into exquisitely frightening worlds filled with terror, beauty, and extraordinary protagonists. The books in her best-selling Villains series are best enjoyed when read in the following order: Fairest of All, The Beast Within, Poor Unfortunate Soul, and Mistress of All Evil.

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