Fresh From the Womb, Straight to Our Hearts

Being pregnant through a pandemic has definitely had its challenges for our oldest daughter.

It’s also been one of the main reasons we’ve stayed vigilant with our family’s social distancing and mask wearing.

newborn baby placed on mom after birth

We vowed to keep her and baby safe.

I went through Doula training to make sure I could be in the room with her during birth, and that was even challenged by the hospital at the last minute.

But, our absolutely incredible OB/GYN fought for us and I was able to be there! (Yes, we share the same Doctor. I was three weeks post-hysterectomy).

mom holding new wrapped baby

Yesterday evening, our newest granddaughter officially made her way into our family and straight into our hearts.

Weighing 8 lbs 3 oz, she gave her mom a run for her money when it came to settling into the birth canal, but a team of great nurses and crazy positions finally made it happen!


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♬ original sound – Sam Ryder

Now we can’t wait to get her home to meet the rest of the family and see how well Big Sister receives her. That will be the true test!

Avery was diagnosed with Leukemia at 2 months. Follow her journey here.

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