Freemie mobile breast pump
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When you’re exclusively breastfeeding, you know how hectic it can be when you’re out and about to pump. Some pumps can be large to carry, challenging to handle when portable, or simply too much to deal with while on the go.

Freemie mobile breast pump

Freemie Mobile Breast Pump

My daughter, being a first-time mom, read all the reviews, did all the research, and went with what she perceived as the best option. And, it was, for a while.

But, once she went back to work, she found that it was too cumbersome for carrying back and forth ever day. In fact, over the last two months, she has gone through two more breast pumps.

Freemie mobile breast pump

For her, it’s all about finding the perfect solution for her schedule. She discovered that she really needed a good mobile breast pump.

Then we were introduced to Freemie.

Freemie is a revolutionary collection system that allows mothers to collect breast milk in a hands-free and concealable way. The pump gives women freedom to pump anywhere, anytime for as often as they need – with a system that adds an extra layer of convenience and comfort.

Each Freemie Collection Cup is held in place by the woman’s bra and it feels and works just like regular breast pump equipment when placed over breasts. But instead of milk falling down tubes and hanging in bottles below the funnels, it collects in cups that surround the funnels.

The small sized pump clips onto the side of a woman’s pants or skirt.

Considering my daughter works in a small, shared work space, discretion is important to her. Freemie gives her not only the privacy factor she needs, but the portability as well.

Freemie mobile breast pump

Being able to nurse hands-free, from anywhere, has already given her a new sense of freedom in breastfeeding.