foster parent training

Beginning the Foster Parent Training Journey

I know. I don’t post a lot of pictures of myself, but this one got me yesterday.

me and my granddaughter

Our granddaughter is 4 months old today and has simply rocked my entire world. I love the way she loves me.

Yesterday was challenging. She wasn’t in a good mood and wouldn’t sleep.

The dogs next door wouldn’t quit barking (which didn’t help with trying to get her to nap) and wore my nerves thin.

Easter with the girls 2019

The girls were a bit louder than normal (which is only stressful because Colby works on the phone during the day and things can’t get too crazy noise-wise). I was simply overwhelmed and felt sensory overload.

And then Colby and I went to our first foster parent training orientation and none of that mattered anymore.

Beginning the Foster Parent Training Journey

Foster Parent Training

I remembered our mission and realized why the day was bringing me down. I was almost to the point of locking myself in my room for the night to recover.

I almost let the enemy win!

Alimi bunk beds from Wayfair

But, by the time we got home from the class, I was once again inspired and excited.

We were so close to being verified when we lost my mom. Literally two more weeks and we would have been resting for our home study.

But I couldn’t do it. I needed the time to grieve and sort through my own emotions.

My mom thought we were crazy when we first mentioned it (as are most people considering we already have 5 children) but eventually was thrilled about the idea of more grandchildren.

My mom with my daughters

Honestly, though, I believe most of it stems from my childhood. My mom would take in anyone who needed a home.

We lived in a small 3 bedroom, 1 bath home (with no central air or heat), but it never stopped Mom from inviting others to stay with us. Our house was always full.

You can imagine how challenging that was with one bathroom and a limited income! But we always made it work and never complained.

Redefine Heart Health

Fostering has always been on my heart. Fortunately, I have a husband that goes along with most of my dreams–no matter how crazy they are.

Therefore, here we are… back on the journey to becoming foster parents!

We’ve talked to the girls to make sure we’re all on board and the girls are all in as well.

crazy fun home

So, join us as we begin foster parent training and work our way toward sharing our home, our family, and all our love with foster kids in the coming months!